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I've got an order with the updated President II collar on the way. Curious to see how it stacks up - my experience thus far has been with the president stiff collar.
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Anyone else find the colorodo BD a bit 'closed up' with the standard button placement and neck button undone? I've found myself looking to lower the button, (or raising the button and keeping the 2nd undone). What's preferable for guys who guy tieless?
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Originally Posted by mossrockss View Post

Anybody gotten the blue stripe linen-cotton? Planning to get it, but just curious if anyone else has real life experience.


I received this one in my latest order and like it quite a bit. It's appropriately casual given its slubby weave and pretty comfortable even in my sweltering Southeast Asian climate. Fit wise, my linen-cotton feels ever so slightly baggier than my other shirts that have the same sizing – not sure if that's because it simply feels floppier or something.


I paired it with the Soft President Cutaway collar that feels, for some reason, a bit thicker than my Soft Roma Cutaways on my dress shirts; it doesn't detract from its comfort though.

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So an interesting series of events just happened to me.  A few weeks ago I purchased a shirt with the new President II spread collar. I really liked the President collar and this was advertised as being a little stiffer, which sounded intriguing.  Anyway, the shirt arrives today and I try it on and notice something is off.  It didn't seem as spread as the President collar and the points of the collar wouldn't reach under my jacket lapels.  So I was bummed and confused.  Then the OCD took over and I decided to measure to collar point length.  It was 2.75 inches.  The President II is supposed to 3 1/8".  Looks as though an English Spread Collar made it's way onto my shirt.  Sads ensued.


So then I called PC to see what was up and Ana answers the phone and fixes all that is wrong in my world.  She confirmed my suspicion about the wrong collar.  Apparently there was a glitch in their system that told the factory to use an English Spread when a President II was ordered (said glitch has since been un-glitched).  So PC said to keep the shirt and refunded my $$ to order a new one.


So, conclusion: PC obviously has outstanding customer service.  But cautionary tale: if you ordered one of the new "II" collars have a close look to ensure you received the correct collar.

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Collar style - maybe Londoner / President Cutaway?




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No, that's a standard spread. President II is probably close.

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My linen-cotton oxford shirt's maiden voyage. Love it.

Excuse my sort of idiotic expression in photo 2. Must've been too much wine lol
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Hey @Seph or @ccallis, wondering if there'll be a light blue chambray fabric coming back at any time. Something like the Albini light blue. http://propercloth.com/fabrics/albini-light-blue-chambray-1348.html

I was thinking of making a dress shirt from that fabric or something like it, but since adding it to my wishlist see it is now out of stock. Hoping there will be something to replace it in a similar color!
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That fabric looks really good - much smoother than most linens. it looks a lot like the albini light blue chambray you actually linked.

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That Albini chambray is one of my favorites. I wear that shirt all the time.
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Does Proper Cloth ever do runs of Madras? I love their selection, but I want to branch out from the usual light-blue shirt.

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I'd be interested.
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Originally Posted by cnew View Post

Does Proper Cloth ever do runs of Madras? I love their selection, but I want to branch out from the usual light-blue shirt.

I have a couple of madras shirts from PC that I got 1-2 years ago. It wouldn't surprise me if they do some more this Spring. 

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Originally Posted by cnew View Post

Does Proper Cloth ever do runs of Madras? I love their selection, but I want to branch out from the usual light-blue shirt.
I saw they have some new Spring Plaids. Not exactly madras, but still pretty vibrant. A couple examples:

I missed the recent Washed Denim and Indigo run since I recently changed the measurements on new shirts and wanted to have them laundered to see how they fit before getting another batch and ran out of time. Anyway, I'm now anxious for the next Washed Denim run which will probably be months away. Got me wondering: has anyone ordered both the Albiate denim shirting and the Japanese washed denim? I have the Japanese washed denim and love the fabric but wondered how they compared in terms of feel and structure. I also wonder how the non-denim Katazome prints compare to the washed denim prints. Do they look similar in person? Is it worth waiting for the next Washed Denim and Indigo run and hope they keep doing denim prints?

Any light anyone can share would be appreciated.

Also, I noticed a placket width discussion earlier in this thread. I have a PC shirt made near when they started. It has a wider placket than all of my subsequent PC shirts. I think Seph once said they changed the width of the placket to be more in line with a modern aesthetic. Personally I like plackets in general, wide or narrow for the added support they give the collar and how they frame the buttons.
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I feel like they need a Stiff Londoner with longer points.

3 3/8" points
6" spread

Also, what happened to the stiff collar styles? I can google the pages but they're not available through the main site navigation.
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