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I recently got a promotion where it is a business casual dress code. It's been two weeks now and I've started down a road, but I know I could be doing much better. I've tried to set my standard of khakis, collared long sleeve, and a tie each day. It feels much better to dress a little nicer and I was looking for something to increase my dress a little more to standout. Nothing too over the top but from my understanding you can't really go over the top with dress. Not much knowledge in the situation so any feedback is much appreciated. 


If it helps, 6'4" 200. 


I've been able to just get larges for a long part of my life and I haven't actually been measured, so clueless on the shirt sizes. Pants are mostly 34x34 and sperry shoes. Price is a huge concern for a couple of weeks. Any suggestions on a short term solution or semi short/long term? If you need more information, please let me know.

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You can "go over the top" very easily. Whilst you want your take on the office standard you must not outshine your colleagues, especially your directors, if you are not to be seen as aloof and not part of the team.
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Shop mark downs for something other than just khakis; like grey dress trousers in different patterns, textures, and weaves. A few different pairs of grey pants can go a long way and tend to pair pretty well with anything.


If you really want to amp up your style, wait until you can spend a little chunk of change and invest in a great pair of shoes.

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Yes, more information is needed, like location and what the office standard is.
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