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Saks sales

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Hey guys, I stopped by the New York Saks today during lunch to check out their seasonal sale. They had a pretty decent selection of suits ranging from Hickey Freeman to Brioni on sale for 30% off. Can we expect these suits to be further reduced or do they end up selling them in bulk to discount chains? If they do, what discounters in the New York area are likely to pick up this merchadise? -Dan
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30% was the # at the DC Saks as well. I am almost positive I have seen Saks discount their suits/sportcoats more than this but can't be sure.
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I've bought sportcoats and suits at Saks stores for 50% off. The most I have seen discounted there is 60%, but that was for truly odd sizes. Wait until the very last day of sales and stop by then. Ask a staff member and they'll usually let you know when that is.
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I don't buy suits, but are you sure it wasn't 30% off the already reduced price? Saks is having its Act 2 sale now, so if something was on sale during Act 1, it has been marked down further. The price on the tag reflects the Act 1 price, but they take the extra 30% off at the register. It could be discounts for suits are different??? If so, disregard everything I previously said. I have never stepped foot into the 6th floor suits area so my assumption could defintely be wrong. Saks does have one more round of markdowns. It is called Finale. Things will be 60% or so off the original retail price. You can call and ask them what date this starts. Pickings can be slim. The NYC store also has a men's consolidation sale, where they take all the unsold sale merchandise from the Saks stores nationwide and dump it in the NYC store for a last ditch attempt at a sale.
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Dan G, i was at Saks today during lunch time... Regarding the 30% off - it should apply to already reduced prices from Act 1. I saw a few Edward Greens on sale too: a lace-up patent leather 9.5D on the 606 last for $340 before 30% discount, also two patent loafers in 10 and 11.5. The last one was a black suede oxford size 7.5 on the 202 last. It was $460 i think Before discount.
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FYI, my local Saks rep says Finale starts 07-21.
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Lomezz, I took a look at the Greens on the center table when I was there, but didn't notice that anything was on sale. I'd be pretty exciting if they had any Greens in an 11.5. Any idea what model was available? Thanks, Dan
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Dan, in your size the only one I saw was a patent leather loafer. You might want to call them to confirm in case you're interested.
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