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Tuxedos and lapel-flowers

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Sean Connery climbs out of the water and pulls off his wetsuit to reveal a savile-row tuxedo. He walks quickly along the pier, stopping one to pluck a rose from a nearby bush and attach it to his lapel. As a Swede, the only time men ever wear flowers is for weddings. However, I was at a party in London recently and noticed that almost every man was wearing a flower in his lapel (most were americans). Faux-pas or tradition? EI
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Faux-pas or tradition?
Given a fashion/style climate where tuxedo jackets are worn with jeans (to pretty good effect, I might add, I think you would be safe to wear a flower in your lapel or not, as it pleases you.
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I think it's more old-style than faux pas. IMHO, you need to be confident and have a good-fitting suit to be able to pull them off, though.
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This has to be a record for a thread resurrection! It's even worse than when they cloned Sigourney Weaver.
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