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did we have a thread about this recently or did I read it somewhere else? They apparently have a very good public transit system. A funny thing they have - apparently a left-over from the communist era - is a guy that stands in a booth all day telling people to walk faster, squish together more, etc.

The guy in a booth sits there for emergency service. He stops the escalator if someone falls or elderly person cannot get off safely. Escalators travel at a higher speed and they are a few 100 feet long, so extra caution is necessary.

All metros are designed for civil defense purposes and can serve as nuclear shelter that is why they are so deep.

100% of stations built prior to 1980s look like this photo. Many have bronze statues, marble floors and very ornate decor. Some have Soviet themes some have scientific/cultural themes in their decorum.

Metro in Moskva services 1.3 billion passengers more per year than NYC.