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What do your women think of your clothing

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Like what does your girlfriend or wife think of the way you dress ?

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Is this a trick question?
Welcome to Styleforum Gentleman15.
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No wife or GF, but some of the other ones think im pretentious for dressing up and uneasy to approach.
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My wife just stares me in utter disbelief and shakes her head when I complain that I am (yet again) out of space in my closet(s).......
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My wife is just thankful that I don't spend the money drinking, clubbing, and whoring (srs).

(I live in a country with depressingly low standards for husbands)
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Mrs. Luthor's opinions have evolved. First it was, "You dress like an old man," then it was, "You're vain," and now it's, "You certainly look handsome."
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That it looks good, but is ridiculously expensive.
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The first thing my wife said to me was "you look like a dandy" she was 19 then, now she is 27 and we have been married for 5 years. Nowadays she doesn't really talk about it or make a big deal about it and neither do I, to me its just normal and it's not something that defines me.
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They swoon.
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Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie View Post

That it looks good, but is ridiculously expensive.

Pretty much this.
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She also thinks 5 sportcoats and 10 pairs of dress shoes is an excessive number, which I am more inclined to disagree with than the price points.

She doesn't realize and should appreciate the extent to which my financial committment to clothing in my current size helps to keep me from gaining weight. It's a pretty significant incentive.
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turn on, specially when wearing suit/SC + tie....but mind blown why a $700+ shoe (Vass) is a great value for the money in StyleFo...
Hey honey, I like the color of that "green" shoebox. Is that on sale?
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Generally, I've always received positive comments and people I have dated have liked the fact that I will be dressed nicely considering the effort they've put into looking good for a particular date or event. I'd say that acquiring quality casual clothing has further helped with positive reactions.
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not so much how i dress but how snobby i am towards others that dress poorly, my girlfriend thinks i'm a huge snob. but, she's just a woman, so who cares?

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