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Floormat Oxford Damage

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So yesterday I drove from home to Philadelphia, a 2 hour trip.  I was wearing some of my better oxfords for the trip to the city and thought nothing of it.  I get home and as I'm taking off my shoes I notice the rear of my shoes is both wet and looks worn down.  Mind you I've had these shoes since August and have worn them maybe 8x.  This is what they look like.



From what I can tell when my foot was on and off the gas they were resting in the carpet floor-mat and rubbing the side of the foot bay (which I think should explain how they made contact on the back of the heel).


It looks like the leather is a fake aged leather and the coating used to give it that appearance rubbed off.  So besides the fact that these shoes are basically ruined, how can I prevent this in the future? Would a rubber floor-mat be better or worse, maybe get something to lay on the carpet floor-mat prior to wearing these?  I'm thinking the most likely fix is to wear a set of driving shoes but that seems like a hassle to change shoes 3-4x a day on weekends just because I want to drive more than a mile down the road.


This also leads me to worry when I do get a set of Allen Edmond's of other higher quality shoes I'll run into the same issues.

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uhm have you tried changing how your right foot rest on the floor?
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  1. Fly to England
  2. Rent Car
  3. Drive for Two Hours
  4. Enjoy Symmetry!
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Get heel taps.
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drive with your foot in a non-retarded position?
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Problem is most likely how you are resting your foot.
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