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Mezlan... Good @ discount?

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So, I'm working in an office job, and I am looking for ebay-cheap dress shoes (leather soles only)... Now, to avoid wearing my Tramezzas all the time, how are Mezlan shoes for value if I get them around $70/$100? It may seem like a dumb question (probably is), but I just need some assurance.
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http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...ghlight=mezlan Was thinking the same thing, and here is what I found after doing a few searches. The consus seems to be that buying Mezlan is akin to burning your money.
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Thanks for the input... Looks like I'll stick to AE & Ferragamo.
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I've never had a problem with Mezlan's. I find them to be a fine shoe to help stretch a collection. I have three pair in my rotation, a black crocodile, a beautiful dark brown alligator, and a black deer skin and calf cap toe. All purchased on Ebay of course no where near retail. In fact the crocodile, brand new for under 250.00 with a list price of 780.00. There are a lot of better shoes, but IMO there are not many in Mezlan's price range. Everyone can't afford the high cost of finely crafted shoes, but to look good on a budget, or the entry level sartorialist I don't frown on them and I consider myself a shoe snob.
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I have one pair of plain brown cap-toes. They are fine shoes and I have had them for 3 or 4 years now, wearing them quite often. I bought them at full retail but would not do so again (if memory serves that was near $200). However, at $70-$100 I'd be happy to.

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I have had a few, but as I upgrade, the Mezlans become the beat arounds or rainy day shoes. they seem to take the abuse quite well actually.
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Mine seemed to abuse my feet (heels) pretty well...deerskin is quite comfortable though
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i have a pair of brown mezlan bluchers. its a good shoe, especially for $80.
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Just get some discontinued Allen Edmonds which will cost a bit over $100 and take abuse a lot better.
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Originally Posted by taxgenius69 View Post
Just get some discontinued Allen Edmonds which will cost a bit over $100 and take abuse a lot better.

AE's are always a good choice, unfortunately the styling is not everyone's cup of tea. No question they are high on the list for construction and value.
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I may order a pair off shoebuys.com. They're only $114.00 with free return shipping included if I'm not happy.

If Allen Edmonds were a little more forward in their stying, then getting discontinued models would make sense, but they aren't unfortunately.
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They're fine. Unless you do something seriously weird or don't know how to walk like a human being or something I don't know why you'd have any difficulty with them. They pass well enough as beater shoes, and will likely equal or surpass the footwear of those around you.
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Hmm, I'll keep a lookout then... eBay don't fail me now.
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They looked good.... everyone commented... and then I kick them... and pow... it's cobbler leather unfixable and no touch up possible.
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