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Yeah I know frown.gif !
The first time I used a proxy to get them but this is still expensive.
If I make them delivered directly to France I will have to pay 20% more for customs.
My best chance is to find even a $10/20 coupon frown.gif
Thank you anyway for your help smile.gif
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I think summer stuff will go on sale soon. fwiw I bought 1 pair of Hi's from w+h direct for 40% off plus a 30% off coupon. The other pairs were from apartmentnumber9 (50% off) and acrimony (40% off plus 15% coupon).

Those 2 places always seem to stock the shoes and don't get picked over very much.

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God you made good deals! I only succeeded to get a 20% coupon for my first pair of Hi-Top that I bought from Roden Gray. After adding the delivery fees and French customs taxes it's has been like I paid the full retrail price frown.gif !
I will check those website you mentionned. Thank you very much OccultaVexillum!
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Are there any quilted vests at the sale?
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Anyone else notice how a lot of major stockists aren't carrying W+H anymore? I wonder how this will affect them (and their pricing) going forward. Maybe they'll finally clue in that no one wants to pay $600 for an orange fucking grunge cloth (whatever the fuck that is) peacoat (http://shop.wingsandhorns.com/collections/outerwear/products/grunge-cloth-peacoat-orange).
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I can only hope. As much as I love W+H the prices are still dumb and it seems like people are starting to realize that. I've personally never had an issue with quality with them and I love everything i have, but the only thing I've never paid full price. I think the closest to retail I've paid was 30% off some tiger fleece sweats a few years back.

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Anyone with both W+H and RC zip up hoodies: are they the same fit? I'm assuming size the same, but do they fit the same?
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Originally Posted by tjonesd2 View Post

Anyone with both W+H and RC zip up hoodies: are they the same fit? I'm assuming size the same, but do they fit the same?

Hey, at least from my experience W+H fits slimmer, So I would require a L for W+H and the equivalent fit would be a M for RC
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Just received a pair of those.




This is an awesome crotch down pair. I assume this is going to be one of the classics from wings+horns.

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Grabbed a black tiger fleece RC pullover hoodie- not bad. Medium is tight in the shoulders and guns but sorta baggy in the stomach... thought this stuff was for people who work out...?
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Totally missed this. Are they having the warehouse liquidation sale like last time?
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sashiko blazer arrived. the fabric is very cool, but unfortunately the medium seems to be a little large for me. don't suppose anyone knows of some place other than Context that still has a small in stock?

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Anyone have any experience with the pigment twill short? I'm looking to order them but according to the measurements on their site, it says I should order a size 30, which scares me a bit since I'm a size 32. Any help would be appreciated.

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First of the FW stuff online now.

I know W+H is essentially a basics brand but fuck, I feel like there's less and less that I'm interested in now, and a large part of that seems to be because the shit is all very similar to past seasons.

With that said. Quilted bomber looks decent* , pocket flaps looks weirds which seems to be a common with them over the last few seasons. It almost always seems like a welt pocket would be better.


Black/Black leather hi-tops are back. Which I fucking love. So if these are around later I'll def get another pair.

I have no idea what's up with the sad ass/vagina front pants.






*as always, not at full price

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