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Yeah I know frown.gif !
The first time I used a proxy to get them but this is still expensive.
If I make them delivered directly to France I will have to pay 20% more for customs.
My best chance is to find even a $10/20 coupon frown.gif
Thank you anyway for your help smile.gif
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I think summer stuff will go on sale soon. fwiw I bought 1 pair of Hi's from w+h direct for 40% off plus a 30% off coupon. The other pairs were from apartmentnumber9 (50% off) and acrimony (40% off plus 15% coupon).

Those 2 places always seem to stock the shoes and don't get picked over very much.

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God you made good deals! I only succeeded to get a 20% coupon for my first pair of Hi-Top that I bought from Roden Gray. After adding the delivery fees and French customs taxes it's has been like I paid the full retrail price frown.gif !
I will check those website you mentionned. Thank you very much OccultaVexillum!
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Are there any quilted vests at the sale?
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Anyone else notice how a lot of major stockists aren't carrying W+H anymore? I wonder how this will affect them (and their pricing) going forward. Maybe they'll finally clue in that no one wants to pay $600 for an orange fucking grunge cloth (whatever the fuck that is) peacoat (
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I can only hope. As much as I love W+H the prices are still dumb and it seems like people are starting to realize that. I've personally never had an issue with quality with them and I love everything i have, but the only thing I've never paid full price. I think the closest to retail I've paid was 30% off some tiger fleece sweats a few years back.

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Anyone with both W+H and RC zip up hoodies: are they the same fit? I'm assuming size the same, but do they fit the same?
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Originally Posted by tjonesd2 View Post

Anyone with both W+H and RC zip up hoodies: are they the same fit? I'm assuming size the same, but do they fit the same?

Hey, at least from my experience W+H fits slimmer, So I would require a L for W+H and the equivalent fit would be a M for RC
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Grabbed a black tiger fleece RC pullover hoodie- not bad. Medium is tight in the shoulders and guns but sorta baggy in the stomach... thought this stuff was for people who work out...?
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Totally missed this. Are they having the warehouse liquidation sale like last time?
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sashiko blazer arrived. the fabric is very cool, but unfortunately the medium seems to be a little large for me. don't suppose anyone knows of some place other than Context that still has a small in stock?

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Anyone have any experience with the pigment twill short? I'm looking to order them but according to the measurements on their site, it says I should order a size 30, which scares me a bit since I'm a size 32. Any help would be appreciated.
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First of the FW stuff online now.

I know W+H is essentially a basics brand but fuck, I feel like there's less and less that I'm interested in now, and a large part of that seems to be because the shit is all very similar to past seasons.

With that said. Quilted bomber looks decent* , pocket flaps looks weirds which seems to be a common with them over the last few seasons. It almost always seems like a welt pocket would be better.


Black/Black leather hi-tops are back. Which I fucking love. So if these are around later I'll def get another pair.

I have no idea what's up with the sad ass/vagina front pants.






*as always, not at full price

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From what I read, they are essentially reworking their previous FW collections for this season so we will be seeing a lot of retroed pieces. Which I personally think is stupid as fuck because their first couple of FW collections were garbage. I handled the vest version of that bomber you posted the other day and it's SUPER light.

That said, their camo bush pants are some of my favourite pants of all time so I'll be stocking up on those for sure.

Oh, I'll be listing a brand new camel FW13 mac coat (size L) soon. If anyone is interested let me know!

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