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Italian CBD

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This is a thread devoted to Italian conservative business dress -- the more soporific the better.  The fashionable side of Italy, as in Pitti Uomo, is interesting and gets a lot of attention.  But Italian businessmen are exceptionally good at CBD and deserve their own thread.  The original inspiration was Matt's post on Vittorio Feltri:


Feltri: "Are you wearing a bright satin tie?"


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Just got an email from Feltri: "I make this sh*t look good."



Feltri doing his best Diego Della Valle impersonation.  Solid navy suit + silvery wedding tie = Italian tycoon.



The charcoal suit variant:



Speaking of whom, here's Della Valle himself:


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already a whole blog for this
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Nice blog.  Some thought not all of the outfits on it are non-CBD, and I'm focusing the thread on Italian CBD.


Diego and Andrea Della Valle, grenadine and knit ties:



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Grey on grey CBD, assuming he's not carrying the purse:





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Is it just me, or do Diego's shirt collars look a tad too tight (minus the one in the image with the purse)?

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Because of this thread and I just threw out 3 shirts and a cardigan.

Going to live and experiment with this blue-gray scale, I like it
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Crimsonsox nod[1].gif

Gianni Agnelli

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There are a few tumblrs, aside from Italian Industrialist, that post things likely pertinent to this thread. Milstil is my favorite blog at the moment and contains a treasure trove of inspiration.
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Recently departed, Sergio Loro Piana

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I like all of these except Feltri's white collared blue shirt. That is a look that seems a bit formal, stiff and showy where the others work because of an easy elegance.
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Black and white or night follows day, it's all there.

I know who I'd rather be...
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Part one of an Italian documentary on Agnelli

The other parts are available here
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Originally Posted by ballmouse View Post

Is it just me, or do Diego's shirt collars look a tad too tight (minus the one in the image with the purse)?

I think he just prefers a wide spread for tie space.
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