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Originally Posted by masterputz View Post

i thought if anyone a groom could pull it off; do u also think its horrid?

It's an abomination. Don't dare.
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lol. ok. im looking now at something more traditional. the cream white borrelli above, a gold brioni, and a silver brioni.

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You can decide on the length (very important)' width (less important unless u are very particular) and the way you knot the tie. In my experience one of the best value for money deals around (and with a huge variety)
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i bought this brioniProcessed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

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Speaking of Brioni...and pleated ties, I actually have one that I wear once in a while:
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Pleated ties are very 1975.
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check the eric glennie collection
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Brioni can deliver beautiful materials and designs or they can be so far off to appear tacky or cheap. I can only guess it is due to trying to appeal to other cultures where certain patterns or non-traditional features might be considered "Baller" or cool. I also wonder how much of this stuff is fake Brioni with bogus labels stitched onto some crazy crap in order to try and sell it through flea markets, eBay or grey market outlets.
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the pleated ties i posted are legit brioni

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Labels don't make ugly ties un-ugly.
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Originally Posted by Veremund View Post

Labels don't make ugly ties un-ugly.

i know; just saying

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