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Clothing Odor

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So a few weeks ago, my dry cleaner had an equipment failure with their dryer. It wasn't getting to temperature. When I picked up my clothes and got them home, they stunk. and I mean BAD. Like canvas, or mold or the inside of an army surplus store.


I took them back and had them re-clean them hoping this would fix the problem. They still reek. The cleaner is saying it isn't their fault because they fixed the dryer, and they can't smell any more chemicals. I am rather frustrated with all of this. the clothes REEK.


My solution is to take them to a new cleaner and hope they can get the smell out. Does anyone have any other options? I have tried airing them out, but maybe I didn't ave them long enough. I just want the smell to go away. 


Does anyone have any ideas about what could have done this in general?


Thanks all!

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What was it specifically that you had dry cleaned?
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Wool Slacks, cottonlong sleeved Tee, Merino wool pullover and  flannel shirt

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Hang them outside for a couple of days might work.
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