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bacon sets new auction record

Some of my recent illustrations





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Is anyone going to Basel?
This will be my first year, and input on strategy, things to avoid, parties, offshoot stuff?
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T.L. Solien

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Recently acquired lithographs...

Calder "Raindrops" 1975 pencil signed & numbered 78/125


Lynn Chadwick "Reclining Form" 1969 pencil signed & numbered 68/210

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Not sure if this directly belongs here but I'm proud of finishing this up.  Me and my highschool Hockey buddies joined an adult Roller Hockey League about 15 years ago just to keep in shape while not playing ice.  It expanded from there over the years.  Team name is Junglerollers, hence screen name.  We've always had crappy jerseys until this year we all pitched in money to get real jerseys made.  We were going to get stitched jerseys until I found out about dye sublimation (light weight and any colors of the rainbow) cost was $90 a jersey.  All artwork is original in Illustrator by a friend of mine who works for Live Nation.  I helped a little lol.



Full shot with the pants 


original sketch idea


Original Sketch digitally inked




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fuck your jersey.
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Originally Posted by StephenHero View Post

fuck your jersey.

And a fuck you too! :fonz: 


Black Floridian....now I see.  

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This thread has been pretty shitty for a long while. I'm going to post moar of my favorite artworks from the Met's collection database, which I browz alot.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
"Joséphine-Éléonore-Marie-Pauline de Galard de Brassac de Béarn"

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Kondō Yutaka

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Marble Female Figure
Early Cycladic Period
2300 B.C. - 2200 B.C.

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That yutaka vase is awesome. I like the sculpture as well but can never tell what makes a good sculpture.
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Qu Ding, Chinese
"Summer Mountains"
ca. 1026

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never ceases to amuse

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anne neukamp

edit- fucking roller hockey jerseys?
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