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How do you guys feel about graffiti?
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Originally Posted by CalTex View Post

How do you guys feel about graffiti?

The same way I feel about littering.
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That everyone should do it? wink.gif

I don't agree with kids writing on property but I think it has a place.

It would be cool to see some of the work displayed at community youth centers.
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I won't begrudge people their shitty taste, sure. I'm mainly against people who take themselves waaaaaaay too seriously defacing property. Also, I have yet to see any graffiti art beyond "Kilroy was here" that strikes me as having artistic merit. Those 3-D chalk drawings are pretty cool though.
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lol I never said I was a huge fan but sure.
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Originally Posted by CalTex View Post

How do you guys feel about graffiti?

by graffiti do you mean street art or just tagging? They are very different things. I find most street art to be pretty bad, but there are some talented artists doing interesting things. I like Blu, Os Gemeos, and Banksy. You can see some of Blu's work here:

The money shark and the animation work he does are some of my favorites for street art.
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Originally Posted by CalTex View Post

How do you guys feel about graffiti?


its efficacy has long been gone and has been diulted into the screen drop of every Vice magazine photoshoot

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i know not another Hirst feature, but I quite enjoyed listening to this one from a while back.

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Finally been to Albert Watson - Visions feat. Cotton made in Africa ( ) today. Fantastic photograhpy.

Also looking very much forward to Anselm Reyle's exhibition. ( )
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I've been wanting to go twice to the Albert Watson exhibition, and both times it was closed, once for no reason, once because it was Monday :/
Will try to go tomorrow if I manage to make it to Hamburg in time.
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You should! Let me know what you think. Don't miss out on Anselm Reyle's exhibition either, I'm sure it's great too.
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I love graffiti.

Im quite conflicted seeing it recreated in a gallery / museum for the obvious reasons.

Its best enjoyed in a shady neighborhood as big, in your face, and destructive as possible. This is its purest form.

I like seeing Barry Mcgee doing full size throw ups on museums, this takes the notion of destruction to the nth degree, and while its typically sanctioned by
the organization hosting his shows, it can still disrupt the publics opinion and cause intense conversation (goal accomplished)

Which opens the door for this style

Nemel, earsnot, geso, barry ect... doing these tag walls

Street art in my mind is usually garbage, and vary rarely does anything remarkable. Blu is one exception.
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