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W McCay was a hell of a draughtsman. That line is beautiful.



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new painting by matthew palladino
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I love Nazca art:


Killer Whale:

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Originally Posted by eglbc View Post

artsy invite if anyones interested

What do you think of the site? I was excited when I first was looking at it, but I'm not so sure the dealer aspect of it is very useful. The representatives aren't very helpful.
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I saw that site on the front page of It looks great, but I've only browsed it for about a second.
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Andreas Gursky


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Xia Xiaowan

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ive been on artsy for a while now, and havent done more than browse. it does turn you onto some new stuff. cant comment on dealer relationships or acquisitions.
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I tried it out awhile ago, but I didn't really find much that I liked. Hopefully the on-line collection grows quickly. Oddly, a friend of mine had a bunch of work on there back when I was first looking, and now there are no images of his.
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I came across this inspirational place and though you art lovers may like it:



This is the stunningly beautiful Watts Cemetery Chapel in Compton, Surrey near Guildford. A place we often went to for times of reflection and inspiration. The grounds surrounding the chapel have an amazing sense of serenity and are a good place for times of quiet contemplation.

It was designed by Mary Watts wife of Internationally renowned Victorian artist, George Frederic Watts who funded the project. Both are now buried at the cemetery, as are many of the residents who helped Mary decorate this beautiful Chapel. Also buried there is Aldous Huxley the author of Brave New World, The Doors of Perception, The Island and Point Counterpoint, a writer I greatly admire for his eastern philosophies and perceptive insights into the world we live in.

The Chapel is a wonderful fusion of influences, including Art Nouveau, Celtic, Romanesque and Egyptian. It is built on a grassy mound and the deep red terracotta brickwork contrasts with striking effect against the cemetery landscape.

Inside, the brightly coloured designs and symbols representing the tree of life, fill the dome shaped interior. Whilst closely managed by Mary Watts the decoration of the Chapel was a community affair, with more than seventy villagers taking part.

It is a real jewel and situated close to the newly restored Watts Gallery which house much of GF Watts artwork and sculptures. A must see for lovers of beauty.

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Art heist! Art heist! Art heist!
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Originally Posted by StephenHero View Post

Art heist! Art heist! Art heist!

Is it weird that when I read about that this morning I was actually excited?
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This type of theft is exciting, I must admit.

However, last night the police went on tv and called for tips. Apparently they already have several leads, as the theft wasn't overly professional.

Funny that two of the greatest crooks (imho) in art are Dutch, Geert Jan Jansen and Michel van Rijn.
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