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That trailer:

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Who cares about Star Trek when we can talk about SJW's and women taking over in Star Wars?
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Illegally downloaded the new X-Men. Pretty crap. Big surprise, Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
the best part is the Quicksilver scene. Again.
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Not sure why the sarcastic "big surprise" comment, Singer has been consistent with his XFilms and DoFP was very good (people seem to forget this often) and the lead in is Deadpool.

Most reviews (from reviewers I trust more often) I've seen also mainly complained that it wasn't as good as DoFP.
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Because it was the best part of Days and it's the best part of this film. Days wasn't nearly as good as First Class. If it wasn't for Vaughn re-energizing the series it would have died a slow death. First Class remains the best of the entire series. Singer can go back to sucking homeless cock after the travesty of Superman: The Quickening. Fucking worthless.
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"Hey, let's give Supes a bastard child and make him a dead beat dad."

- Singer's pitch for Superman: Electric Boogaloo.
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"The X-Men are all gay, just like me."

- Singer's pitch for x-men 2.
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"Hey, let's make a Wolverine movie but steal all the good parts from First Class and pretend it's an X-Men movie."

- Singer's pitch for Days
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Cmon, X2 had its moments. Nightcrawler attacking the White House still one of my favourite scenes in any CBM.

And sure it was a little too on-the-nose but when dealing with the X-Men, all the racial/sexual allegory kinda comes with the territory.
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"Hey, let's take a villain and pretend he's as interesting as Thanos and not give him any backstory or motivation and have him threaten to destroy the world. Oh, and let's make the best part of this movie a sequel to the best part of the last movie. We'll just CGI the rest of the mindless action scenes."

- Singer's pitch for Apocalypse.
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X-Men 2 was fantastic. One of the best from the franchise.
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Ok, I'll give you the Nightcrawler opening. But the rest was just crap. Poor Rogue can't have sex. Bitch, they make latex bodysuits for a reason.
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goddamn that struck a nerve lol8[1].gif
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Anyone following the BIG spoilers that have leaked for DC's REBIRTH #1?

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

The deets:

Wally West and oldschool JSA are back, there are three Jokers running around and The Watchmen are now part of the DCU. In fact the biggest shocker of all is that Doctor Manhattan is the one responsible for the creation of the Nu52 universe.

Interview with Geoff Johns makes a good follow up for context of these changes.
The culprit: Doctor Manhattan, the atomically powered, almost god-like figure inWatchmen who’s more an antagonist than villain in Rebirth, Johns says. “If you’re going to have a conflict between optimism and pessimism, you need to have someone who represents a cynical view of life and also has the ability to affect this. I know it’s crazy but he felt like the right character to use.”

How Watchmen is involved in the DC Universe is a mystery that will unfold in the background over the course of a couple years, but Rebirth in the meantime will focus on various players in its series.

I'm generally excited about all this. Might finally be what it takes to get me to start reading DC again.
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I haven't read too much comics in a few years because it's just gotten with all these alternates but the Rebirth sounds good.

I'll wait to see some arcs and how good they are before diving into it.

I really just want to read compiled graphic novels these days, can't do the week after week stories anymore.
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