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Comic Book Resources took a pretty big sh*t on it in the review. I'm honestly starting to wonder if this will be a miss.
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What I am gathering from the critics or mostly CBM reviewers I like and somewhat trust is that it simply did not live to expectations especially coming from DoFP (and ot some extent Deadpool).

There's plenty of good thing and while the film isn't great, it was at least good with disappointing parts sprinkled in.

here's a more of a positive review

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It is currently ~50% at RT right now. I also wouldn't be surprised if some scores are affected by how good CW was, after seeing that, seeing another film a week or two later is going to be very underwhelming I think.

I probably wouldn't like BvS as much had it come out after CW...
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We just got home from seeing Civil War. I really enjoyed it.
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Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak View Post

I feel like it must have seemed like a much better idea to name your daughter Harley Quinn before DC decided to change the character into a slutty Juggalo.

I tried to watch Tusk and couldn't do it. Mostly skipped around to watch the few parts I heard might be worth it. I'm guessing Johnny Depp agreed to do this one for his daughter.
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Depp hasn't done anything worthwhile in a few years now IMO

BLACK MASS was laughable before anyone brings that up
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I had a couple of hours to kill while they serviced my truck so I popped into the cinema next door and saw this CA movie. I think after decades and decades of comic/scifi/fantasy cowboy nerddom, I'm ready to hang up my spurs. These movies are such utter pieces of shit that I can't in good conscience give them any more of my money.


A bunch of CGI superheros beat up another bunch of CGI superheros and the whole time I'm thinking, am I supposed to give a shit? There are no stakes when superheros fight. This is made worse as plotwise it's all pretend fighting. The game ends when one gets accidentally hurt. It's like a bunch of kids playing in the backyard with sticks until one gets poked in the eye and their mothers come out and yell at them.


I understand that the bar for these movies is pretty low so when something comes along that is only passably shitty you guys lose your minds, but damn, fellows, stop encouraging them.



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Along with the announcement that NBC has picked up DC workplace comedy show Powerless to series, we have these official images from the show.

The first sees Vanessa Hudgens' Emily giving Crimson Fox a hard time for making her and the bus-load of people she's rescuing late for work. Based on the synopsis below, this will be the event that sets the entire plot in motion.

We also have first looks at the characters played by Alan Tudyk and Danny Pudi.

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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post


Video game movie or no, this plot - putting a guy in a virtual world to somehow learn how his ancestor lived - has me puzzled. It would've made more sense if it was time-travel.


Or am I missing something?

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The animus accesses "genetic memory" so it's not quite a virtual world; more like a distant flashback
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'Agent Carter' Canceled at ABC; 'Marvel's Most Wanted' Not Moving Forward

It's the end of the road for TV's Peggy Carter.

ABC has canceled Marvel drama Agent Carter after two seasons, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Additionally, ABC has passed on picking up Agents of SHIELD spinoff Marvel's Most Wanted after redeveloping the project from last year. Following the adventures of Bobbi Morse (aka Mockingbird) and Lance Hunter, SHIELD favorites Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood were set to reprise their roles after exiting the flagship series earlier this season.

‘Supergirl’ Moves To The CW, Renewed For Season 2

The CW has picked up its first new series for next season, and it is not that new. After weeks of speculation, Supergirl will move from CBS to sister network the CW, which has renewed the superhero drama for a second season. The pickup, which comes hours after the most recent deadline for CBS to make a renewal decision on the freshman series, expands the CW DC superhero universe to four series, all from producer Greg Berlanti, as Supergirl is set to join The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. One of them, Flash, already crossed over to Supergirl on CBS, making for a seamless integration of the newbie into the CW superhero squad.

A Supergirl move to the CW had been rumored for awhile, with talks becoming real the last few days. A CW pickup was contingent on finding a way to produce a show of that scale (Supergirl commanded one of the highest license fees for a new series this season), for the CW. Producing studio Warner Bros. TV already made a pre-emptive effort to trim costs with a planned move of production from Los Angeles to Vancouver in Season 2, which is now official. That will bring the show together with Berlanti’s current CW superhero drama series, which all are based in Vancouver.

This is the second time Supergirl had been rumored to move from CBS to the CW. It didn’t happen after the pilot last year, but it is now. Previously, drama Ringer moved from CBS to the CW after the pilot.

Being CBS Logobased on a DC property, as it moves to the CW, Supergirl will remain solely owned by WBTV and not a co-production with CBS TV Studios as the original CW series automatically become.

Despite the fact that its numbers tapered off significantly after a strong start, Supergirl, aided by a solid DVR play, averaged a 2.4 rating among adults 18–49 in a competitive time slot, ranking as the No. 1 new CBS drama and No. 4 new network series overall (behind only Blindspot, Life in Pieces and Quantico) in the demo this season. It is CBS’ youngest-skewing new drama and averaged nearly 10 million viewers.
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