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I am also three episodes in. So far, this tops season 1.
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The hallway fight scene mimics the original OLD BOY while this season's stair case fight scene reminds of the American OLD BOY. foo.gif
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Yeah i'm three in too. DD has been great so far. It's been pointed out elsewhere but I like that they jump right into the Punisher as a killing machine. The choice of avoiding showing his family get killed prevents him from being as sympathetic as he could and it works very well.
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Got my early screening of BvS tomorrow night. Can't wait!

I'mso jelly. I'm seeing it Friday afternoon.
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

Got my early screening of BvS tomorrow night. Can't wait!

Nice. Can't wait to start reading reviews of this project. It could well end up being a trainwreck, but I want it to end up working. So much is riding on it in terms of DC's future in film. The worst thing that could happen is it all ends up being a mess and DC decides that only Batman films will work.
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Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post

i wasn't expecting much, but now i'm a bit more intrigued. seeing it Thursday.

Wonder Woman getting some love. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Wonder Woman's casting choice was one of my biggest reservations about this movie. Gal Gadot is incredibly attractive, but she's also very skinny and not athletic looking.
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Movie is really good, might be borderline great but I need time to process because the film is just a dream come true. There are just true emotions if you like the comics, yeah Avengers was great with that ensemble but there is just nothing like the trinity. Goosebumps all over.

The film, surprisingly, doesn't feel like a Snyder film which I think many will like. The film actually has somewhat of a Nolan film, dark but has bits and pieces of humor here and there. Pacing is good too, the beginning feels slow but it is scene after scene after scene which is reminiscent of Nolan type of transition. Then it ramps up from there and plenty happens to process but in a good way.

And yes this is tons better than MoS and that's coming from someone who liked MoS more than most here.

With that said, I do kind of see where people are going to criticize and try and demolish this film, there are moments there where you could go... "huh?", thos who scrutinize and nitpick are going to have a field day I think, I hope I am wrong but I think it is more like DD S2, there are some moment you want to say WTH but still very good.

Ben was good (probably the best Bats to date, think maybe Daniel Craig as Bond) , Gadot was good and Cavill was good (though he does make some stupid Tobey faces at times so people will hate on him anyways :lol ) and Amys face doesn't look dilapidated in the film so those all get a thumbs up. Eisenberg was pretty good and he was my biggest concern, he could e real scary and towards the end he was frightening and I think he will just be a pure bad*ss next time we see him.

Now for the spoilers.... And BIG SPOILERS!!!!


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
To those who want a true comic representation, don't count on it. BATMAN KILLS!!! :lol Though comic book nerds might hate it, alpha nerds who says what the "fuck with these heroes who doesn't kill" will be more than satisfied with this Bats. Dude didn't give a damn. :rollin

I like it that Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg weren't just easter eggs, they are part of a bigger world building, they gave them more than enough cameo time each.

And that Flash time travel scene (is it a dream or did it actually happen?), oh geez, just nergasm all over.

There are plenty of emotions in the end, yes they employed the Death of Superman and I think to even those who hates this Superman, you won't be able to help but feel some part of sadness here.

Was a bit surprised that it is Bats who wants to create the JL, it's interesting to see where they take it.

That is all I am going to say for now, plenty to process. There was no post credit scene but it might be added for the public version like Deadpool? I hope so but I could imagine. Going to see it again Friday.

If I were to guess, just because this is better than MoS that it'll make tons of money.
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I am unsubbing from this thjread until i watch the films and shows
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@RFX45 how close to the real deal did that large Reddit post a while back end up being?
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I didn't read it because I tried to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

If you have the link, I'd read it and confirm whats real or not.
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This one.

Also I have to know, do they hold back with Aquaman? By this I mean do we get to see him use his power set and communicate with sealife? Super Friends went a long way to ruin the character in the general public's eyes and one thing I would love to see out of these films is them turn that around.
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That reddit post is complete BS lol8[1].gif

Aquaman has a very small cameo, all the toys and merchandise showcasing him like he has prominent screen time was misleading.
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Yeah I thought it was B.S. Commented at the time that it sounded like a fanboy's wet dream and he was basically tossing in everything that he knew would get people excited.
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