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Hadn't realized how little blockbusters there are this summer. T4, ASM2, and HTTYD2 seem like locks for top 3. I'd probably put "Days of Future Past" up there. Can't see how the Apes sequel would top it as promising as it looks
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There's a lot actually, just can't fit them all in top 5.

Like Godzilla, I think it can huge internationally because this isn't a giant-raptor-butchered-godzilla so I can easily put that over GotG for fifth but Marvel just can't do no wrong with the anticipation of Star Wars next year, I have a feeling it'll drive people to watch GotG to quench their thirst in the meantime. It can also ride the Cap3 wave and being the film before Avengers.

Other possible blockbuster hits include: Maleficent, Neighbors (hearing great thing about it), TMNT, Maleficent, 22 Jump St, Million Way to Die in the West and Edge of Tomorrow. I might have missed one or two?

I think Apes will do well just because it's a sequel and the first one made $400, next one could be in the $500-$600 range.

I think DoFP could be huge, Singer returns, old cast returns, Sentinels, etc... but that recent scandal, I think it might affect it a bit. I have it at them making $550m right now, The Wolverine only made about $414m and 1st Class made $353m. DoFP will surely surpass that but I am uncertain at this point. Without Singers problems, I might have it at $600+ easy. We'll see.
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DoFP numbers definitely could be affected here in the States but I don't see people overseas caring that much about his sex scandal. I don't think kids in China will think child rape; they'll be too busy thinking "Wolverine is back with his friends!" But who knows

Kinda want to see if Jupiter Ascending will be the final nail in the coffin for the Wachowki's career or their resurrection
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No you may be right. I'd still put Ape at 4th and GotG at 5th though but it really is a toss up.
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RFX, you surprised at how well "Winter Soldier" is doing? I don't know if the competition is just shitty or people are just hungry for anything Avengers related, but it's kind of telling if a property like Captain America can connect with the general audience to the degree of three straight (potentially four) weeks at No. 1
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Not really surprised, Thor 2 made $644m worldwide, I expected Cap3 to do that much if it was a good film but it turned out to be great so I expect it to surpass Thor2. It's already at $610m last I read.

The movie had a very Bond/Bourne feel but with a dude that throws a shield and can leap off tall buildings. I think that is whats very good about the film.

And yeah the competition flopping like Johnny Depps Transcendence and RIO2 being a weaker animation film in comparison to others (Despicalble, Monsters U, etc...) helps Cap3 keep it's #1 spot for weeks. There's really nothing worth seeing outside of ASM2 next week.
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Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

It'll be a small cameo. Momoa is also rumored to have signed on as Aquaman as well, again another small cameo. The Rock has also confirmed to be working with DC though his role is unknown, he said it's a badass dude that can stand up to SUperman that hasn't been done on film yet, so it really leaves MM or Shazam or if a villain, Lobo.

It's still a Superman sequel with Batman in it then have small cameos, likely a few seconds just to get fans excited and then move on to a origin film for WW or GL or Flash and then JL film or just go directly to a JL film.


RFX, you seem to be up on this DC news, so I'll ask you.


Are there plans to incorporate "Arrow" and the upcoming Flash series into this cinematic universe?  With how well "Arrow" is doing, it'd seem a shame to start over.

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Nothing solid, just rumors. Last I heard, they might. It depends on how the Flash tv series is received, if it is a hit, they might try and incorporate them to the movie universe and make the show co-exist with it and Arrow. If it is hated or fails to their expectations, then they'll likely recast both parts if they were to put them into films.

Really hard to say right now but the bright side with DC/WB is that their new CEO is willing to take huge risks and that is why all of a sudden a bunch of DC shows are being green lit. Flash for CW, Gotham for Fox and Constantine for NBC. The new CEO also promised more movies and make smaller budget films for lesser known characters like Suicide Squad or Deathstroke or even Booster Gold. The recent interview from Forbes also stated that they'll be announcing more bigger DC film plans soon, maybe SDCC?

So I think the new CEOs risks will have greater rewards. We just gon have to wait and see what they have in store for us in a few months at SDCC.
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As a casual observer, DC just doesn't seem to know what's it's doing. Like, they don't seem to have one singular focus, one goal like Marvel did. Everything seems half-assed as far as uniting all of these little properties. There will potentially be two Flashes, two Green Arrows, two Bruce Waynes (movie and "Gotham" version), etc.

They could still pull it off but it's not a good sign if Smallville does a better job incorporating all these heroes and crossovers than DC does with its silver screen adaptations
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Well Gotham is focused on Jim Gordon, Bruce is going to b 13 iirc so you can count that as non-canon.

I mean DC really isn't that bad. Nolans trilogy was made to be just that, a trilogy. It was grounded and no super powered beings could exist there. GL was suppose to start up the DCU but that flopped. So they started again with MoS. I mean really, it isn't as bad as people make it out to be. I think it is easy enough to separate movie and tv characters/actors, I do not see that as a big problem.

Just compare it to the XMen series where I could write a 1000 page book from it's inconsistencies alone.

I think DC is on good footing if they can make Supes/Bats film good and not X3 or SM3 or Daredevil bad. Off the name alone, it can make $800m easy. If it is a half decent film, it can break $1B w/o a sweat. Make it TDKR or Avengers good and it'll break records.
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But come on, MoS could have used more Easter eggs (none of that blink and you'll miss it images). There wasn't even an after credits scene. Nothing to whet the audiences' appetite that something bigger was on the horizon like the first Iron Man did. It's a moot point though because like you said Batman/Superman will make all the money but the nerd in me just wants the execution to be as awesome as possible
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I don't think that's a bad thing really and MoS was the last CEOs final film and the guy was the "take it one movie at a time" type. You really can't blame them either because of how GL went.

Plus I think Marvel just spoiled us by advertising the Avengers in all their films, hell IM2 can be a SHIELD film with a dude in an iron suit. It's almost as bad the Audi and Acura product placements in their films.

I mean Nolans trilogy didn't have any of that outside of the Joker card in the end of Begins but they didn't really have a plan to make TDK with Joker at that point, they also didn't plan TDKR and I believe Nolan would have wanted Joker to return to finish off the trilogy.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love it but with rumors of the MoS sequel and all these castings that'll make a cameo, people are already bitching that they are rushing it when they could be in the film for 3 seconds. lol8[1].gif
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I'd be shocked if they incorporate the Arrow and Flash TV show universes into these movies. Too much baggage and not enough star power. Much more likely they recast Flash and Green Arrow won't even make an appearance.
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I do not think star power is exactly what they are looking for, they did hire an unknown actor to play Cyborg so I don't think they are looking to fill the roster with All Star big names. Gal Gadot as WW is also relatively unknown outside of her little role in the F&F franchise, she was pretty much eye candy in those films.

I think there's a chance that they might but who really knows at this point.
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I rather enjoy Arrow on CW. I was never into the comic, so I have no idea whether they're totally screwing up the character ands ruining the potential to integrate him into the greater DC universe and the films. That said, I'd like to see Green Arrow make a cameo with the potential for a larger future role.
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