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Pdc jeans

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Another 'where can I get it' question: For those of you in the Bay Area, where should I check for Paper Denim & Cloth's jeans, LTD cut, on sale? I just bought my first pair and they fit great. How about in LA? Also, suggestions on good quality jeans with a similar fit would be welcome. Basically I need a boot cut jean with a relaxed fit or very relaxed fit and not too low of a rise (I'm not Brazilian.)
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Wow, even A.Harris is into Paper Denim now. I must be doing something right (BTW - saw your Vass's at Louis Boston - amazing, though I can't justify 2 months rent on a pair of shoes). Louis Boston had all their remaining Paper Denims on sale (50% off) Call them. Very limited selection, but worth looking for. If you are thinkining of buying more than one pair, a membership in might be worth it as well. may have them on sale (though not a great sale) soon as well. Do not pay the jacked up "sale" prices fro Also, intermiittently at Filene's basement for $70 (best value I've found there was $50 for the military LIT-light style - love those jeans). If you PM me your size and phone number (I go about once a week) if I see something you might like, I could see if you are interested and pick it up for you.
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I think I may have asked this before, but can anyone tell me if men's PDCs even exist in a 28 waist and a 31/32 length? Really long leg lengths mean that, after alteration, the baked-in back-of-the-knee creases can end up around my calves...
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To add to the question. Does anyone know where I can find those same jeans or seven for all mankind in the Southern California area? Ive tired the marshals at south coast plaza but no luck
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They are all over the place at retail. At discount, both much harder to find. Try Loehmann's on la Cienaga, near the Beverly Center.
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Nick M, I've never seen any PDC with 31/32 length. But they tend to shrink an inch or so after being washed and dried so it doesn't look so weird (at least that's what I think) on a person who wears 31/32 inseam. I own three pairs of PDC jeans: LTD, ICN, and GTO models. This shrinking has only happened to LTD and ICN jeans and was not very noticeable on GTO jeans. I don't know if it has anything to do with their cuts, LTD and ICN being full-cut and GTO a regular bootcut.
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In San Francisco a store called Rolo sells them. They are on Market, and also there are two on Howard St.
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I was just at Nordstrom Rack today by South Coast Plaza. They had several seven for all mankind and a few Paper Denim and a whole rack for diesel. All for about 60$ each. I dident buy anything though. I dont really like diesel and none of the sevens or PDCs fit. But i figure its only a matter of time before i find some. I only live 10 mins away Anyway, Nordstrum Rack is at the top of my list for jeans.
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Jinx: want to pick me up some bootcut Sevens in size 31? I'll obviously cover shipping, etc. if you're willing.
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Mike: I can try. I wont be able to go back there until monday though. They only had one pair of 31s. There was no inseam marked, so i tried them on and think they were 32 inches long and I wear a 34 inseam so i passed. Also, i think this pair was marked at 70$ not 60$. Anyway i have no clue how to ship clothes or use paypal, if you wana teach me though, when i find some 31s ill send em. btw they had a ton of 29s
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btw they had a ton of 29s
I gotta go check em out then..
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