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Help with interviewing suit choice

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Hi everyone,


First off, this forum is very helpful.  I'm completely overwhelmed with the info on here.  But I had a question that I was hoping someone could help with.  


I am looking to get a dark gray / charcoal suit for interviewing purposes.  If it matters, this would be entry-level legal work.


The issue is that I'm capped at about $350-400 for the suit.  Based on what I've read, most suits in that price range are not that great.  From what I've seen, that price range will get me a Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, (some) Hickey Freeman, Joseph Abboud, etc.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Right now, I'm looking at Gilt, Myhabit, bluefly, etc.  


After reading about the quality of various suits, I realize that I would prefer to get a $800 suit... but that's just not in the budget right now.



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PM : SPOOPOKER.   he has what you need. at the dollars you can afford. might as well look the best, in more than an "Interview suit".


and he knows his stuff.   he will not do you wrong.


grey/blue with a soft yellow tie, white linen square.  is all i'm advising style wise.

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Just as an update, I took the advice from the other thread ("Ask a question") and looked around everywhere.  I went to Jos A Bank and tried on their suits, including their signature gold.  I didn't like them.  I went to Nordstrom's and tried on John Varvatos, Hugo Boss, etc.  The John Varvatos was really nice, but I think it was a little too modern for an interview suit.  The Hugo Boss was really nice and fit me well, but according to everything I've read here, it's not well made.  And it's over $600.  So I passed.


Then I was scouring the web looking for deals.  I saw a Jack Victor Studio suit online and thought it was nice.  A pretty conservative cut, dark charcoal, and I think it's half-canvassed. But it was still $529.  So I kept looking.  But then it went on sale down to $299 with an additional $50 off, so it was about $270 to buy it and get it shipped to me.


TL;DR, I know.  But... I needed a suit soon, and had to take a chance with an online purchase because there really wasn't anything in the stores that I would've been happy with.  



So, I'm happy for now.  Maybe it's not the best suit, but I feel like I got a good deal and a somewhat quality suit.  It's definitely better than the stuff I was seeing at Nordstrom's Rack for the under-$300 range.  

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Don't be happy til You see how it fits.
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