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Need a stylish, professional(ish) backpack.

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Here is my problem - I'm an attorney, often wear a suit or sport coat, and commute on the El in the city. I need a bag to carry workout clothes, book, Blackberry, and often laptop and cord. I have a killer Tumi ballistic bag (gift from my lovely wife), but have suffered from a back injury over the past year, and the Tumi bag, while great, is very heavy and contributed to the injury. Since relegating it to office-only duty, I've been using a backpack which is doing wonders for my back.

I hated giving up a stylish bag, but the backpack has really helped my back issues. However, I equally hate the backpack - it makes me look like I'm 15, or that I don't know how to properly wear a suit. Not to mention that it's much more satisfying to carry a proper brief bag while wearing a sharp outfit.

So, what is the solution? Is there a not-terrible backpack out there?
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I've been wondering the same damn thing... I have an older Coach laptop bag that looks really nice, but the thing weighs probably 8 pounds empty. I want a backpack again. Please help.
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That's tough.. it IS a backpack after all, but the most professional and functional backpacks I've seen are Brenthaven backpacks. They're really solid, fairly slim, and keep your laptop protected really well.
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I have the Isar backpack in black melange. It looks professional and is an interesting design. Protects your laptop. And the duffle part can even be used as an overnighter.
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I'm sorry, there is no good answer. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a "professional looking" backpack. No backpack is going to look right over a suit coat or a top coat, etc. Let's face it, if you're wearing it on both shoulders, no matter the bag it will look completely out of place. If you're wearing it on just one shoulder, you're not getting the benefit and should just be using a sling/messenger/duffel. A rolling style bag can look more professional, but is not practical for rain/snow.

So, either carry less and save your back OR accept the fact that if you're wearing a suit you simply aren't going to look right carrying a backpack and don't care about how it looks
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