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Hello everyone,

My fiancee is planning to get me a pair of Oxford shoes for our wedding.

We have narrowed it down to John Lobb, Gaziano Girling and Edward Green

The specific models are 

JL: Becketts, City II, Garnier
Gaziano: Cooper, Holden
Edward Green: Chelsea 

Out of these choices, the Becketts are our favourites followed by the G&G Coopers, but it will ultimately come down to fit and comfort.
I am fairly new to these brands, can someone that has worn one or more of these shoes let me know their thoughts? 

For the models we have chosen, are they all suitable to wear for a wedding (as the groom)? 

I have flat feet with almost no arch, does anyone know if the G&G models selected will pose a problem for my feet?

I will get a much much better idea once I get to see these in person and try them on, but I wanted to know a bit more about them before making a decision on purchase.

Thanks a lot for reading

I would go for the Gaziano and Girling, but MTO to accommodate your flat feel!

The navy hatch looks great, and is very wearable after the wedding.

Congratulations on your wedding and I hope you choose the right shoes!!!smile.gif