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Legal Professional Oxfords Advice

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Hello styleforum, 


First time posting on SF. I'm a young law student in my mid-twenties working in the DC area, and I've recently come to a point where I want to buy my first pair of decent black Oxfords for formal/business occasions. I've done some research over the last week over various American and Italian Brands and I've settled on some selections below. I am looking for Black, Laced, Oxfords that have a more simple/elegant look without overly complicated perforation patterns (little to medium is fine). For the most part, I will be looking to pair this shoe with a very fitted, slim-cut suit (Charcoal, Navy and Black). Budget wise, while I would ideally like to spend below/not too much over $350, my experience thus far (with suits, timepieces, etc.) has taught me that paying more for the right quality product is very often the better choice (this is why the price range below varies so much). With this in mind then, I would very much appreciate if anyone can give me some advice on some of the selections I've picked out below, as well as maybe giving me some suggestions on brands/deals/shoes that I have yet to discover.


1. a. testoni M45209 ( ) $496 (I can't really tell which testoni line this belongs to)

2. a. testoni D45238BOG ( ) $240 (Ditto, but I'm assuming Studio given the price point)

3. Versace Collection ( ​ ) $550

4. AE for BB ( ) $368 (I prefer these over the original AE mainly because of the dove tail heels)

5. Suitsupply Derby ( ) $289

6. Gucci Diamante ( ) $259 

7. D&G ( ) $369


PS: my size is 8.5D/9D (US)


Thanks in advance for any advice or help provided.

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AE for BB are the best of the lot. Several you linked are not even balmorals.

Alden, Crockett & Jones, Edward Green, Carmina are brands I own in this type of shoe that I would recommend.
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As noted above, of what you posted the only pair worth considering would be the AE for BB, however I am not a fan of the last and only think they represent a good value if on sale.

For a mid range black oxford I would recommend these cap toes from Carmina:

If you you were willing to spend a little more, but still stay in the mid priced range, I really like the Alfred Sargent Armfield (I have both the Carmina's and these and prefer the later). At the lower price range you could take a look at Meermin.
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I might also suggest checking out the Loake Aldwych from Pediwear, which would be a tad nicer than the AE, and with shipping even less expensive.

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You may also want to look at the Allen Edmonds at Jos a Bank- they're the same level of construction, but they're on different lasts, so if the 5 last doesn't work for you, the boardroom or whatever they call it there might work better.
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If you can spend up to $550 then I would not get anything on that list, save for the AE.


Consider Carmina, AS and C&J.  If you want to really treat yourself and stretch the budget a little, consider Vass.

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Originally Posted by Sabutai View Post

I might also suggest checking out the Loake Aldwych from Pediwear, which would be a tad nicer than the AE, and with shipping even less expensive.

Try this pair of Cheaneys - they're on sale at £220 including worldwide shipping which fits your budget and more importantly, are a good pair of shoes that would last you a long time:
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Lawyer, with about 25 years experience, here. And located near DC, no less. Admittedly, I don't actively practice all that much these days, but neither am I completely out of the loop. So, fwiw...

AE - either "pure" AE, or the Brooks or JAB versions - is very popular among the legal community, and has been for some time. True in DC, and also in various other cities with which I'm familiar (mostly in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states).

Indeed, the AE Park Avenue could pretty much be renamed the "McLawyer." smile.gif

Consequently, I'd probably give the nod to the AE for BB shoes. Besides, I have plenty of experience with AE, and lack much personal experience with the other shoes on your list. (Nor is that likely to change. As I have size 13 EEE feet, there are many sorts of shoes which will simply never work well for me. As opposed to AE's, which typically come in my size and width, and which generally aren't about a sleek, Italian look virtually impossible for me to pull off.)

Maybe not the most creative, individualistic, "I don't run with the herd" shoe choice, but for a young law student, sticking with the popular choice may be a very sound decision. Save the unique personal style for after you've established yourself some in your chosen profession.

Well, just a few thoughts on the matter.
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