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Originally Posted by ShootThePier View Post

Take a picture of the soles when you can.
I want with the Cat's Paw heel and leather. You obviosly went with a different vonfiguration.

I went Vibram. Proper stompin' boots.
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And, that is why I went with the leather sole, I wanted sole appropriate dress boots.
Like you said, after opening the box, much of the existing footwear becomes redundant.
How's your fit?
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Yeah these are pretty versitile for dress or casual. Almost perfectly ride that line. I find the contours to be decidedly casual (mostly the bulbous toe box, which I love), though the make/material to be quite dress appropriate. I could see dressing them up for sure. I'm not much for suits myself, except for swanky weekend shenanigans. Wonder how they'd pair with a suit. Do furnish photos if/when you find out!


The fit? What can I say. They give my feet the perfect amount of room in the right places and, after a day of walking around in them, I've got nothing but good things to say of the comfort. They are not, of course, without need of breaking in. However break-in for these seems more a matter of getting the soles more flexible and having the uppers wrap to my feet/ankles in more of a contoured manner. The comfort has started in the perfect spot for this and I do not anticipate any blisters.


As for cons, I'm not going to be so starstruck that I can't provide constructive feedback. They are a bit heavy. Not so heavy as my Trickers Stowes with dainite soles. But enough to be aware of. Given the construction, that was to be expected. Also, the finishing is far from perfect. There were some threads not clipped neatly, bits of factory adhesive in random spots, a fastening imperfection (a little raised edge) in the stacking of the top layer of the outsole to the rest, a (not serious) ding or two - and it was clear that the upper's pieces were hand cut with a scalpel and not cut with a beam press, as I could see areas where the cutter's hand did not keep the scalpel at a 45 degree angle for a perfectly flat edge.


HOWEVER - As I thought about these "imperfections" and how they could exist in a $1,600 pair of boots, I came to love the wabi-sabi of it all. The stitching is bang on and really there were no flaws in the durability. These are some tough boots that will last many, many years. Most of these small issues will resolve themselves with regular wear. But the pleasure of having such high quality boots that are really, TRULY hand made. Unbelievable.

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Nice write-up. I looked only at the product as a whole. I will look in some of the areas you mentioned. It is an interesting exercise.
I'm used to wearing work boots, so mine were actually lighter than what I'm used to. I credited the leather sole for the weight, as the thickness in the shell cordovan seems very consistent, and substantial.
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Congrats! They look great. Post some more pictures after they start to roll up...

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Wife's B-Day dinner.
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An opportunity presented itself, that I just could not let pass me by.
Julian Boots WatchMaker
Natural shell cordovan

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Originally Posted by ShootThePier View Post

An opportunity presented itself, that I just could not let pass me by.
Julian Boots WatchMaker
Natural shell cordovan

Amazing. Where did you get these from?
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Black Socks & Natural Shell
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I too share an appreciation for Julian's work. I hate to see these go but just listed for sale a custom one-off pair out of shell cordovan I had made a few years. If anyone is interested check them out here
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