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Originally Posted by BostonHedonist View Post

Julian's are MTO. They have you take detailed measurements of each foot and send in pencil outlines. So the size will be pretty bang on unless you get your measurements wrong.

As for price, they start at about $800. Double for shell.

There aren't many places you can buy them off the rack. They're a very small manufacture. RRL sometimes has a run of them. I think Barneys does too. But they'll cost the same as MTO, so I don't know why anyone would buy them pre-made.

Thank you for your reply.  I should have mentioned I am looking at a RRL on eBay right now not to order one directly from Julian yet. Thats why Im asking members that own Julian boots if they can compare their other boots so I can make an informed judgement.  Again I am a 7.5 E (Whites, Red Wing, Alden), 8.5 W Bannock / running shoe.  Sometime I can wear an 8D, like in Chippewa and others - and the pair online is an 8D, so I'm trying to determine if I should give these a try.


Understood about the MTO - I am a big White's fan, have 8 pair all MTO, but had a time sizing.  Just as you mention Whites asks for a pencil outline as well as tape measurements.  They use those measurements to try to find the right size last to build my boot on.  I'm guessing thats what Julian does.  From what I understand (and I could be wrong) to get a boot truly custom made to your foot, molds need to be produced to build a last.


Appreciate all input.

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BostonHedonist nailed it with the answers. My Cognac Shell Cordovan were $1595. Well worth it. I wear Viberg 2030, 2045, 310, 1035 all in 8.5. I wear RW, Danner and Nick's(Zuriick) in size 9. These, after foot measuring(a little more comprehensive than when ordering from Baker's), are equal to an 8.5EE. I never knew I was an EE.
These are the best fitting shoe, boot, sneaker, or slipper I have ever worn. I put my foot in and had instant support equally from toe to ankle. I'm used to have to break-in the foot bed with multiple wears and miles walked. These had instant support, and my fastest to put on and lace. I usually sit on the edge of the bed with my shoehorn, and my wife asks me to go sit somewhere else if she's still in bed. I guess I move the bed. I'm very particular about lacing up, whether it be athletic, casual, work, or dress. I think these are easier because they were made for my exact feet.
I have already ordered my next pair. I will review those as well. I expect any finish issues mentioned by @EastWestApparel above, are a thing of the past.
I had the opportunity of meeting Francesca, Michael, and Julian. They are all very passionate about the quality they deliver, and the materials they use. I hope everybody has as good an experience as I have had.
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Thank you

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Originally Posted by ShootThePier View Post

More pics, in no particular order

Your boots are brilliant. Do you find the insole a little bit slippery? I found mine slippery so I had to fasten the laces very much.

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No slip at all. But, now I'm gonna look out for it.
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What's that, some 18 oz Japanese denim?
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Samurai DMO 16oz. Good eyes. The dark color of the denim contrasts well with the Horween cognac cordovan.
You gotta post some pics when you get yours BH.
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16oz, right, that would have been my second guess. They remind me of my SDA 16s, though they seem a bit more stiff. Maybe newer.


Anyhow, excellent choice! Japanese textiles really are a thing of beauty. Big fan of Kamakura shirts recently too.


Had my Julians shipped to England, hopefully they arrive soon!

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Somewhat new still. They are very dark, and have a lot of texture. I was probably looking at Japanase manufactured clothing the first time I came across a pair of Julian boots.
Imagined, or not, I can feel the craftman's sense of pride that goes into a finished product. From a cigar, to a meal, to clothing, and finally this pair of boots. My wife says it makes me boring, because when I find that feeling, I stick with it.
Yesterday, after wearing the boots all day, I took out the magnifying glass. The only fault I could find was with one stitch that wasn't in line with the rest.
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Well that is, no doubt, a passion we share. Perhaps it is a trait shared by many of the immensely small community of Julian Boot owners. That obsessive eye for skilled analog labor that is increasingly uncommon in modern manufacturing. Laser cut, machine stitched goods may be every bit as durable as their more expensive, hand-made competitors. But they don't tell the same kind of story.


Better not let you around Oni Secret Denim, hand loomed by en elderly man rumored to be in a secret location somewhere outside Okanawa. You'll never see another weave like it.


Though, if you were so inclined....

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Have they arrived yet BH?
BTW - I had to give the Oni a shot after your review.
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They're due in today. Just too late for my flight to Croatia.

Word of caution on the Secret Denim. Get it pre-washed and do research sizing. I had to sell one on eBay (for a profit) before getting it right.
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When I opened this box, so much of my footwear collection suddenly became redundant.














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Take a picture of the soles when you can.
I want with the Cat's Paw heel and leather. You obviosly went with a different vonfiguration.
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