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frank, I was at Bakers today and took my new Robert in.  they are going to cut the tongue down about 2 inches to allow easier entry. any cobbler can do this pretty cheaply.

also, found out that they loved the leather too and the toe is probably a #2 which surprised them

the arch is a little wider from nicks than whites also it is a bit higher..  to me it feels equally as comfortable either way.

I noticed that the 11e of mine is a little longer too.  could have probably gone with a 10 1/2

today I ordered a olive cxl Roberts after returning another pair that never fit.

I was really impressed with this boot and how both my sd whites and nicks Roberts accomplish their goals.  really rugged quality footwear.   took my best friend and he was put into a pair of Lowa Tibet goretex boots. amazing german wonders. whites were exactly wrong for him. you should check them out on bakers site.

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Does anyone have a the Low Arch Manito Oxford? Is so how do you like it?

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Finally got a chance to take some pics




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I have been looking at both the High Sierra, and the Ridgeline boots, and I'm going back and forth with the #3, and the #4 toe. This will be my first pair of Nicks boots, so I haven't yet tried either of these boots on yet. I do own a pair of Whites SJ's, and BH's . Could any of you that have both White's and Nicks say witch toe is most like the BH? or the SJ? I was guessing the smoke jumper to be like the #4?



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Semi dress #3 toe in nicks these Roberts are #3. My BH are very close to the Roberts
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Very nice!!  Love the heel on them!   BTW - I used to have that same sofa.  LOL

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they must have sold a million of them .  my wife and I bought one as newlyweds.

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Too funny
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Originally Posted by daveinsweethome View Post

... I was at Bakers today and took my new Robert in ... found out ... the toe is probably a #2....


I just ordered a Ranger with a #2 toe.  I would like to see pictures of your Robert with a #2 toe. 

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here ya go.  I must say these are much more comfortable out of the box than I anticipated.  I had the tongue cut down anticipating trouble entering the shoe.  not at all now.  they are noticeably thicker than my sd  bison whites.  both are tts in my 11e.  I am a very happy customer of both companies currently.  these stock Roberts truly exceeded my uneducated expectations. 

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Out in the wet and doing a fine job
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Originally Posted by daizawaguy View Post

Out in the wet and doing a fine job
Nice boots! Can you share how they were designed?
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These are from Zuriick. Take a look at their site and offerings. The William model. Only had the heel tapered locally by Brass, but that's not visible in the photo. Full pics of the boots earlier in the thread if I recall.
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I was talking  to Gary at Nicks a few weeks ago and he said they were not taking any more orders for the Road Champs until they revamped the last. Has any one here heard any thing more about this? Time Line? I guess I waited a little to late to get my order in. From what I've read, WESCO's don't have much of an arch, and my year old Whites seem to have lost there arch already. They are currently being re shanked,  re arched and re soled  by Nicks right now. Maybe I'll rethink a Black Strap Homesteader.

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And now for something a little different...




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