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Originally Posted by mr. burns View Post

^That looks like some proper logging leather.

For a while I've been using some Red Wing 3140 as my do everything work and casual boot, but I'm looking to take a step [or 2 or 3] up and get some custom fitted White's or Nicks. Probably Nicks tbh because their stitching seems more consistent and I like the way the heel counter overlaps with the upper more. That's practically the only difference between the two boots and the grumpy old man at my local distributor of White's and Nicks kept stressing how much they were exactly the same. Sadly he was a giant douche and probably had never ordered a boot for someone that wasn't a firefighter, so I won't be dealing with him again, but that's a story for another time.

I've been doing research and trying to decide on what configuration I want. I think I'm pretty set on natural CXL, but I wanted to make sure it would be ok for a work environment that takes a lot of scuffs. Seems like that would add a lot of character to that kind of leather, but I've heard somewhat different things about the toughness of the leather. Want to make sure it can take these kind of hits on a daily basis.

Another thing I'm mulling over is the sole type. Since my current boots are a wedge sole and I'm walking on smooth concrete all day, my first instinct was to go for something like this in a 6" version.

But after seeing awesome pics like this, I'm wondering if a traditional logger/cuban heel and a Vibram 700 could be just as comfortable for 8 hour days standing and walking on concrete.

I'm concerned the 2021 sole will wear down too fast with the foot miles I put in, but at the same time having that elevated rubber sole could be better for when I have to stand in up to 1/2" of water when cleaning in the cooler at work.

Lastly... a question about lasts. So, if I wanted the Nicks version of a bounty hunter, I'd just order a 6" boot with the #3 toe? Not really sure what the equivalent would be.


I went through the exact same thing. Go with the 2021 wedge. You'll thank me later.
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Heh. Cool. Thanks for the advice. Think I will do that.
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Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post

^"It's aesthetic preference but I'm not really understanding the concerns with toe collapse and boot price correlation. They're boots not dress shoes."


The difference is intended use.  I'm not buying them to work in and I prefer them to not look all beat up since they will be worn with a variety of pants/shirts.  Personal preference based on use and desired appearance.  I never wore my RedWing work boots out, they were for work.  But this class of boot I 'can' wear out and coming from the perspective of one who has worn work boots, work shoes I beat up, dress shoes or non work shoes, I wear in social situations or urban/office environment.  Totally different applications.


^^Chris, thanks for the reminder on shoe trees.  I need to buy some.  Any thoughts on the regular vs. the boot version to go in boots?  Thanks.


I don't use shoe trees, in the boots. The combination of Obenauf's plus my rotating has proven to be enough. My toebox hasn't collapsed or anything. I use the extra thick oil-tanned leathers, and all my CXL/aniline stuff from Nick's usually has a toe cap which is self supporting.

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lol, I took the time to complete their fit sheet and sent it to them almost one month ago and no contact or follow up yet, even though I called twice and left messages.. If this is any indication of how long it will take for the boots to be made, I think I will pass..
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