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A little modification that I think has turned a great boot into an awesome boot






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My 8" olive chromepak boots came in earlier this week. Here are a handful of pics.










The following show olive chromepak vs. olive chromexcel. Other than a few details, the specs are identical on these two pairs. 





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Both of these boots are awesome. Please post more pics as they wear. I'm curious to see what they will look like.
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Love the toe shape of these....

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Hi, I'm wondering if someone can help me with specific sizing advice. I have read as much as I can in the forum and I THINK I'd be an 11D in the Nicks ( http://www.vermilyeapelle.com/products/5-rough-out-natural-chromexcel-boot) but may possibly be an 11.5D. I will do the tracing method and send it but I did that for some White's semi dress and it came out as 11.5 but this was definitely a half size too big so had to sell them. (I'm in England so can't get to go try these on). I thought if I give my sizing in other makes it would be possible for you guys to give me some guidance. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

This is my sizing on other makes:
Viberg 110, 2040,2045,1035 lasts - Viberg size 11
Viberg 2030 last - Viberg size 11.5
Whites semi dress and semi-smoke jumper on semi dress last all with lowered block heel - White's size 11E though can get away with 11D if I stretch them. (Had some 11.5E from Bakers and had to sell them as they were too big, which is kind of why I'm not that keen on the foot tracing method of sizing.)
Alden Barrie Last - Alden size 11.5D
Oak Street Bookmakers Trench Boot - OSB size 11.5 (again got some 12 as they claim their Elston last is true to Brannock size, don't necessarily agree as they were too big!)
Wolverine 1000 mile (why did I get these?) size 11.
I also got some Russell Moccasin South 40 boots from Context Clothing in 11.5 but they are a little too big, think I should have gone for an 11 in those.
Thanks for any help you can give.
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To clarify my comment re tracing, it is in no way a slight upon Bakers it was more likely I did it incorrectly.
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Originally Posted by Johnny5 View Post

Love the toe shape of these....

Wow... What are these?
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lol this is a Nick's thread.... and I don't own any Viberg redface.gif

That is Zuriick William by Nick's.
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