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Thanx. Very interesting story by Horween.
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Originally Posted by jrosenthal View Post

Makes perfect sense, gives the leather more structure, but it will also make it stiffer and heavier too, so that's important to keep in mind, and from what I understand Nick's uses some of the thickest around. Apparently the CXL they use is almost twice as thick as that used by Wolverine and Alden.


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Trust me man, it's the lining!

You couldn't be more wrong. Parts of the cow or horse get more wear and tear during there life, that's what the creasing is, I've seen it many times in aero jackets, the finer the leather the more chance for this, the inconsistencies are unavoidable. When they are cutting the leather there's really no way to know what part will crease in this way until they have some wear. The lining has zero to do with it.
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Hey guys,


Don't really post on here (just lurking for years), but thought this would be a great post to start. Been talking to Dustin at Vermilyea Pelle back and forth and have agreed upon a very small run(~3 boots) of a horween waxed flesh 5" boot design. He is looking for about 1 more person to go in on this so that he can use the rest of the hide. The boots will be made basically to the specifications he has on his own pair (the picture I have included). The sole will most likely be a vibram 430 (still finalizing that). This is the last of Dustin's waxed flesh and also the last of Horween's waxed flesh that he will have for a while until they get another large order for it (and have leftover hides to sell) or until they decide to make it again (as they currently do not have any in stock other than the hides still out there with boot-makers). This will be a very special boot, as it will be made by Nick's and finished by Dustin himself in his shop and will be in waxed flesh, which is a quite rare leather offering and one of the most unique and beautiful leathers out there if you ask me. If interested shoot me a message and I'll give you Dustin's contact info.




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I want in but just want to know if I can do a #2 toe unstructured.

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I want in but just want to know if I can do a #2 toe unstructured.

Dustin wants to do all 3 boots exactly the same so that there are no QC issues (nicks is not used to making these kinds of boots I've been told) so I'm not sure a different toe will be possible but this toe is unstructured in the photo and so will be the toe on the boot. Shoot me a message if you're still interested.
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I would be all over that except that I have a pair of almost identical to that photo from the SF MTO. You won't be disappointed in that leather- it's fantastic.
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I think we still have enough leather for one more pair. Get at me today!

EDIT: We're full! Thanks for the interest guys, this is sure to be a very special and exclusive, unique boot.
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