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These the ranger with a vibram honey? The sole looks less bulky than other pics I have seen. Did you order and customize these through Nicks?
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They were ordered through bakers.
The sole and heel are stock height.
It may look thinner due to the honey vibram blending with the natural mid sole.

The Tan Teton is a nice rugged leather. Already starting to age nicely
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Originally Posted by TheBlackGoat View Post

Nicks Bowhunter????.......Ranger???? (Not sure on model name)

- Tan Teton leather
- # 3 Toe Last ( with no celastic)
- Deadstock Honey Vibram Soles
- Standard Heel Height

Please forgive the newbie question.
In the bottom picture, the shaft /uppers looks to have loose grain wrinkling or is that normal?
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Originally Posted by westie187 View Post

They look pretty good to me, jmo.


Yeah they look great to me.  A classic workboot shape.  Not too bulbous at all.

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Haters gone hate, I fucking love those boots
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So gonna place my order for a pair of Nick's oxfords. Talk to Kyle via email and he said to order the baker's oxford and specify Nick's to build it to my specs. Would be in already but alas their website locked me out so will have to wait until next week. Gonna do a Burgundy mexcel leather lace to toe with leather midsole and commando mini lug. Kyle told me which last and toe to specify to get the widest toe box so I'm eager to see what comes back. This whole game is like Russian roulette!

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James, you're on a bender right now- my kinda guy!
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I am about to pull the trigger on a pair Nicks. My build of the day is a walnut smooth toe vamp and upper, with rough out toe cap and heel counter.

I am leaning towards the Ranger, but then was looking at the catalog last night and saw the Homesteader. The difference between the Honesteader and Ranger appears to be a classic welt (homesteader) versus mckay Kay lock stitch (ranger). Can anyone confirm? Is it it worth $50 to get a welted boot?
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Originally Posted by b-ewing View Post

James, you're on a bender right now- my kinda guy!
I guess it is kind of a bender. It's taken me 42 years to finally find shoes that actually fit and look good too (kind of hard to dress up Keen's for work), and they are made domestically (I love British shoes and have owned several high end pairs but clearly they got some funky ass shaped feet as I can't understand how any Brit shoes are truly comfortable...or is it my feet that are funky shaped....hmmm), and well built and resolable for basically life if you take care of them....

I have purged the majority of my shoe wardrobe so now it is time to fill in the holes. Black chunky boot-check. Tan dressy boot-forthcoming, bugundy work casual oxford-Nick's forhcomimg, black work casual (will be a Wesco lace to to oxford), forthcoming.

There is so little information out there on the oxford's Nick's, White's and Wesco make. I guess I am among a minority that loves oxfords so will be getting a pair from each of the big 3 and will share my thoughts for those out there who are podiatrically challenged but don't want to look like a granola cruncher or grandpa.

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