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Originally Posted by Neognosis View Post

Conditioning once a week?


Disclaimer: You can cover your boots in chocolate sauce daily, it's your money and your possession.

However... Come on, that's downright ridiculous.
Surely, this leather doesn't require conditioning more than 2x a year, even with daily work use.
It must be a complete shit tannage if it requires conditioning even once monthly with daily use.

Wearing boots in water and mud and the constant flexing is one of the fastest ways to remove oils. You need to condition boots when they require it, not just after a specified length of time. I can't say if the OP is over-conditioning or not, but there are certainly cases where a light weekly conditioning would be appropriate.
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Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post

Hey everyone, 


I just wanted to drop by to say that I am extremely pleasantly surprised by the quality of the "Mexcel" leather that Nick's uses for the boots I have. I have owned four pairs of Chromexcel shoes and boots as well as belts and bracelets and a wallet. The "Mexcel" has been standing up to everyday use just fantastically. I have been using these boots for everything from yardwork to replacing sprinkler heads, and they have seen quite a but of toe bending, water, mud, sticks, rocks and dog paws. With the more abrasive stuff on Chromexcel I really have a hard time getting it out, and the creases seem to always appear from the toe bending fairly quickly. 


The Mexcel still has yet to show noticeable creasing and width stretch. This leather is hearty as all hell. These boots are very much still in the break-in period even after about a month of pretty hard everyday wear and use/abuse. The only show of wear is a scuff on the side of the toe from a very rough log I was cutting, this scuff was terrible, but after some cleaning/conditioning it has dulled; still visible, but not glaring. 


TL;DR - Mexcel is tough as nails.


Disclaimer: I wipe down these boots after each day of use with warm water/cloth. Conditioning once a week, generally. 


I'll try to get pics on an imgur album soon. 

Thanks for chiming in.  I must admit, the sample of Mexcel that I got from Nick's was *really* impressive.  The natural had fantastic pull up qualities, and the burgundy was beautiful...if really dark.


Now hurry up and get on those photos!  I'd love to see.

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Think I’ll stick around here now…

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