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^thanks? oh, and thanks for stealing my avatar...
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Unless you are really experiencing severe acne that is causing alot of pain (mind numbing, and almost vomit inducing pain) stay away from accutane.

Accutane will seriously f**k you up. I was on it for a long time due to a severe cystic acne problem on my back and neck (Severe Pain). The accutane messed with my moods in a bad way (depression, rage, etc), screwed up my liver temporarily (I turned yellow and felt like sh*t) and caused the skin everywhere else to crack and bleed.

I was on 30mg per day though.

It also didn't help worth a damn.

What I ended up doing was dating an ethstetician for a while. She did alot of treatments on me and they really helped.

This may sound dumb, but start dating a girl who is going to "beauty school" and she should be more than willing to fix you up.

They are often the easiest sort of girls to pick up and they're usually hot.

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damn why do people go straight to accutane without trying other stuff. accutane is extreme and a last resort, usually for severe acne sufferers who have significant mental anguish from it. try everything else FIRST
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NEVER pop your pimples!!!!! that leads to scars. see a dermatologist if it gets bad, just make sure you cleanse it twice a day.

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Many people pop and regret it afterwars, not eeryone might get scars, but some people do, especially when they repeat it all the time, can cause infections too. I think many people pop because it makes them feel better without the pimples in public, which i can totally understand, but anyway, i agree with olivababyx, the risk of getting scars is too high and I'd rather try to cover the pimples with blemish balm and wait till they dry out and vanish. 

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When you get a pimple...

Put calamine lotion on it(costs like $3 at Walgreens). Go to bed.

In the morning, put a touch of concealer on it if it's still visible.

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Trust me, I'm pretty much the expert at Acne at this point. I eventually did Accutane because I went through everything you could think of.

Here's what I'd recommend:

1. Low carb diet. Reduce sugar intake. Something Paleo esque.
2. Exercise. Use this body wash anytime you sweat more than normal.
2. Try to reduce your stress. I would take a hot shower for longer than normal before bed.
3. Before bed, put BP 2.5% on any troubled spots. Make sure you use a white pillow case. I bought some "decent" cheap ones from Target. BP can bleach clothing and bedding.
4. Exfoliate at least twice a week.

Other than that, there's not much you can do. If it persists, ask for Tazorac. If that isn't sufficient, go on Accutane.
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