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Japanese Shoe Polishing Secrets


Japanese poster nutcracker has generously translated several magazine Japanese articles about shoe polishing, and the results are really amazing to read, and a great primer into the high end of shoe polishing. Seriously, check this out (and give nutcracker much deserved props).




Tricker’s hold a special place in my heart. In my eyes, the best English shoe brand for the apocalypse: you can just imagine kicking zombie ass when wearing a pair of heavy-soled, double leather brogue boots. This thread gives you a good primer on the brand, and is also ground Dzero for the occasional MTO run.


Dinner Plans


Really – and go with me here – sometimes the best part of StyleForum are the non-clothing threads. The dinner thread is a great example, and don’t let the supposedly mundane subject matter fool you, what some posters cook for dinner deserves to be served in a 3 star restaurant.