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Jantzen shirt ripped!!

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I have sad news. One of my three Jantzen shirts has ripped. The fabric is is Dobby #47 (white box diamond). The tear is at the seam of the sleeve and the french cuff. I have worn this shirt four times and had it laundered twice. The seam came apart today. There does not appear to be enough fabric to make a repair. Any suggestions? Probably too expensive to ship it back eh? -Tom
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If its at the seam, why can't it just be resewn? Seams come undone occassionally, though I'm sure Ricky would be perturbed that it came undone after only a few wearings (that is surely a defective seam). If it is just the seam, and not the fabric, a tailor should be able to resew it for a few dollars. Post pics of this.
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If I get what you mean, the shirt can't be fixed without making the cuff shorter. I don't think it would be worth sending it back as shipping to HK is probably a lot. I'd have a tailor make it into a short sleeve shirt, or donate it to an art class as a very nice smock.
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The sleeve pulled out of the cuff. (my digital camera needs a new battery sorry). So there is about 1/16" of fabric, which is frayed, and that could be sewn back into the cuff, but it would just fray apart. For the price, I'll just make it into rags and start again I suppose. But I'll check w my tailor first to see if he can fix it. Tom
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I remember a pick of your first Jantzen shirt, and I'd imagine if you sleeves are the same length on this one, you would have 1/2" or so at least to spare. Could the tailor just cut off the frayed part and then sew from there?
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Tom, I'm also wondering: Did you ever use bleach on this shirt? I remember overbleaching one of my dress shirts and the fabric literally ripped apart. I just think that it sounds like the fabric was defective or became defective in some way, as opposed to the stitching -- I'm never heard of a sleeve simply "pulling" itself out of the cuff, to the extent where the ends were frayed.
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Why not just put it in an envelope and post it back. Regardless of where you are I should not have thought that the cost of postage would outweigh the benefits of a repaired (or replacement) shirt.
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I agree with Urbane. Just send it back. If that's too much trouble, then perhaps take some digital pix and email them to Jantzen. In either case, give the details of the shirt and, nicely, ask for a replacement shirt (or a new sleeve?).
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I decided to see if I could hand sew it myself, figuring it was no big loss if I couldn't. I tried to carefully insert the sleeve end between the cuff layers, but basically ended up fastening it together on the inside of hte sleeve. I looks totally fins from the outside, and like I did it myself on the inside. =) Good enough. I beleive that the specific pattern of this fabric is risky for use in shirts. The way it is woven makes it easy to come apart in about 1/4" increments. -Tom
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thanks for the tip, tom
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