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Moscot Lemtosh. which size to pick?

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Hi everyone, this is my first thread here, i wanted to ask a question. im been thinking about getting myself a pair of moscot lemtosh, i've seen it in a johnny depp interview and the look great. but, moscot have 3 different sizes of these, small 44/24, medium 46/24 and large 48/24. im going to buy it from the internet so i can't try them first and see what i like the most, but i want to go for the size that johnny depp wears. Can someone tell me what is that size? by photos i would think that he tends to wear them on the small side, but i don't know too much about glasses so my criteria is not the best. So, can someone tell what is the size that he wears, or advise me about what size to get?


Thanks for your responses in advance, good day to all.

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Hey man,
If you go to the Moscot website they have a guide on what size to buy and what suits your face best. I have a larger face and bought the mediums and they give a similar look to Depp but i personally am looking for a size large as it suits me better. Hope this helps
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Hi everyone.


Someone else could help with this? im between the medium and he small size, but i would not know what to choose. if someone could help me with some pictures comparing both that would be excellent. 



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I would call Moscot in NYC directly and ask them about sizing. Buying glasses online is difficult because it something that should be tried on first. I'm sure they have a return/exchange policy if it doesn't work out. Hate to break it to you, but you will not look like Johnny Depp even with his glasses. Pick what size works best for you and your face.
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So did you end up getting the pair?
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