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Raw Denim for the taller chap

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apologies if this has been asked before.


I was wondering what the taller chaps would recommend for their raw denim. I know most of them seem to have an inside leg measurement of 36 but I have seen shrinkage amounts varying from 2 to 4 in which would then make them too short.


I don't mind paying money for decent jeans but don't want them to bee too short after one wash and then be useless


really would appreciate any advice



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Maybe ask in this thread?

Anyway--Ironheart and Triple Works (same company) put out a lot of stuff with long inseams. Their stuff is sanforized so will shrink v.little.

That's about all I know from personal experience. Try this article?

"10 Pairs of Raw Denim with 34"+ Inseams":
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tons of raw denim brands use a 35"+ inseam, and if the denim is sanforized it will generally shrink less than an inch in length.


edit: N&F might work for you. Weird Guy has a 35" inseam, Skinny Guy is 37.5", almost everything (apart from a few collabs) is sanforized.

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Momotaro 39 inch inseams is where it's at.
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We have loads of jeans with inseams between 35" and 38" AFTER a soak: https://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_filter_result&categories_id=&options_9=250
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apologies for not posting in the right place, im new around these parts and this place is huge but thanks for the point in the right direction


i will check out those links that you have all posted, thanks

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There is always Levis Shrink to fit up to inseam 40".
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