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I would wear a lot of that; not head to toe, but there are some great impact pieces in there.

I don't think everyone will like this though.
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totally amazing. I dunno wanna jump the gun here but this is maybe the best thing I've ever seen? my jaw literally dropped at look 2 figuring it all out and it stayed open for the rest...shog[1].gif
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Dries has greater vision than probably any other designer right now. What talent and imagination to design such outlandish colors and patterns and know they will work together.

I definitely won't be wearing the caterpillar stoles, and I was more drawn to FW13, but still some stuff I want.
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Those combat pants makes me want to wear something else other than jeans (and that is saying a lot).

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This one's my favorite. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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That purple duffle is so nice.
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so, funny yesterday I was hoping to see more of a suit-based direction but the techno-sportswear is growing on me today. the print combining and graphic layering are pretty amazing. echoes of his previous stuff are there too -- camo prints, tie dye, nylon quilted bombers, hot colors, but still looks new overall. I'm amazed at how many garments he makes for each collection. 


the moto pants will be a big hit.

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Definitely one of the better collections shown so far. A lot of vibrant colors and zipper placements but in a good way.

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loved the colors a LOT (magentas used right). really like the geometrical shapes and the technical vibe in the collection as well. this is what raf should have evolved into.
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side note: I really like the way Dries himself dresses. so conservative! 

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Great collection, even better than the last couple of seasons for me.  I could see myself getting one of these zipped and cropped bomber thingys.

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this is my favorite so far. i think it's crazy in all the right ways (I guess I feel about this the way the Yohji guys feel about the Yohji show). i think the prints have a lot of impact but they're not overdone. maybe some of the black/yellow, like on the moto pants specifically, is pushing it a bit for me, as are the ruffled collars. but i think the color groups are generally awesome and the misses are very few. i like how many bombers were in there, and the outerwear generally looked great to me (i think outerwear is always one of Dries's strong points). But layering a pretty traditional tailored wool coat (or blazer) over those prints and tech fabrics and crazy biker pants just looks awesome to me.
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Fantastic stuff.

Love the techno direction and the colors.


The violet cropped front jacket (3rd from top) and those block patterned moto pants are grail worthy.

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wow holy shit - so good
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