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the transformation is complete
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DAMIR DOMA: Pariahdom

I thought it looked pretty decent as I was scanning the thumbnails, seeing the stuff in details I'm more skeptical. There are hints of old DD in the timidly voluminous outerwear, the long tailored coats (I like those) and the use of rougher fabrics/finishes but pretty much everything else looks like some bizarro KVA (or is it Dior Homme ?) and we all know this is not a path you want to take. I'm not sure about the weird fabric treatment (kinda looks like wood grain or compacted straw embroidery, there's fraying going on which could be nice, or not) and the garbage bag sleeves either...
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i also like the double-breasted long coats, but...that's it. what a shame. this season's haider show feels like what "damir doma: winter resort" would be in a much better possible world.
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this might have been the moment in 2011 when his scorned mind conceived the thought of abandoning all he'd been doing and aim for a luxe tailored market [to which he can never actually sell] and hoping for celebrity fame, never wanting to suffer such humiliation again
The designer was hosting a Fashion Week celebration of his collection with 250 guests at David Lynch’s new underground entertainment space, Silencio. But with midnight looming, Mr. Doma’s three-hour time slot was ending. The club had to be emptied — and fast — to make way for an even bigger party hosted by the rapper-turned-designer Kanye West.

* that and fast-forwarding Rei's business strategy, time-compressing it into 3 years instead of 30.
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