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The discussion is already taking place in the Yohji thread but for consistency's sake...

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I think this is insane. Some of the that print action would look downright hideous if it'd been incorporated in any kind of generic fashion collection but somehow it works here thanks to the proportions and cuts. Some crazy shit going on with zippers too, will require further examination.
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Oh crud. I typed up this whole reply and it is all gone now frown.gif. Guess It is for the best so I don't end up trying to express my thoughts on the collection and doing a bad job of it cos I am so pumped.

In summary: Amazing. Genius. Comic. Zippers! Gothic accessories look nice (silver zipper pulls y'all). Layered pants look great and have some nice continuity with SS14 if my eye serves me correctly.

If anyone can save images from showing the back of some of the pieces that would be great. Some of the detail shots imply some pretty crazy things construction-wise.

Okay, let me try and type this up again:

The thing that really strikes me about this collection though is how much fun Yohji seemed to have had making it. Like he has rolled up his sleeves and is really getting stuck into the work and just pushing himself to the limit and further and further out of his comfort zone. The results are excellent so far in my opinion and if he can keep this up, it will be an excellent swan song for a great career.

On a first (well, not really, but you know what I mean) pass, these are my favorite looks -

The layering here is just so good. Like Arnie shaking Carl Weathers' hand in Predator good.

This look actually made me pause the slideshow for a solid minute. The pants are amazing and I hope this iteration of them, with the print, is picked up for the racks.

I have been getting more and more interested in picking up an MA-1 and/or biker style jacket or something similar, and this one, with the pattern and the zippers on the back of the arm and the sides is pretty close to ideal I think (although the "cropped" ones in Dries FW14 look pretty amazing as well). Just the perfect combination of flower power, anarchy and seething teenage menace I need in my life right now biggrin.gif.

I don't even know what is going on here, but I love it. Skull prints and all. Would go for different boots personally, but the rest of the outfit is just the perfect combination of non-Western male silhouette and knotted fabric that I have been waiting to see more of. I would probably wear this every day as it also reminds me of the wrappers that men of the Urhobo culture in Nigeria tie when they go for ceremonies (or lounge about in at home while wearing a wife beater).
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side pouch pocket pant design is v. cool as the is the zip moto jacket. Ivwri I loved your description: flower power + anarchy. I'm getting some serious spooky vibes too. also are those silver coffin zips? whoa. whole show is visually fantastic feast. the rope toggle coat is pretty awesome. yohji is one badassmotherf**ker bold dude. 

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totally out of control and soooo grood. what will end up produced/on the racks? who knows, but this show is amazing.
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He gets better and better.



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man this stuff is jawdropping. worship2.gifworship2.gifworship2.gif
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If Anyone else who attempted this, it would be overkill, but Yohji totally makes it work and it´s freaking good. Some of the details are downright amazing.

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he's crazy and this collection is crazy i love it
Mr. Yamamoto, you yourself wear so much black. Will we see you in these prints? "You will," he replied. "Promise."

"You will," he replied. "Promise."

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I'm in awe, maybe in shock, in fact, both! First time Yohji-San wore leather pants himself at the show. Can't wait to see him wear prints ( scarf doesn't count ).

It's gotta be the first time only one full black Look ( the last one ) made it to the Runway, does it signal a directional change of his vision? Or is it market led? It's a very bold presentation and, like for like, better than AW13. The video ( with music ) will tell the whole story. I asked Limi on IG if she played any part in these punky creations.....she declined smile.gif

Personally I won't ( and can't ) wear any of these, at least the whole set up, I ain't G-Dragon enough. worship2.gif

Still the highlight of PFW sofar.
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Wrote this in a PM to someone, heh. But figured I'd post here to keep general convo going: I'm still a little confused about this. I know I'm in the minority here. Everyone in the Yohji thread seems to think it's his greatest work in years, but even having looked at detail shots more I'm still mixed on it. There are some pieces that are really stunning. I particularly like all the knits. Some of the pants are really great as usual, especially anything cut really full. (The slimmer looks didn't work for me at all.) Then there's a lot I just don't like on a visceral level. The orange looks weren't my favorite. I didn't really like the leathers either, or the kind of tribal print suits. But I also think a big part of that may be the styling. Like a full floral/skull print suit is a bit much for me, but if you separate the pieces and pair them with something more subdued (like black, hah, which is what I know he was getting away from) they could look great. As always though judging by some little 2D images means very little. My feelings always change when I see things in person. I'm sure a lot of this will be great looking on the racks in a store.
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Something a little better than 2D images

source: Diane Pernet

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@pickpackpockpuck I am kinda with you on this one. A video can always improve our opinion, being there in person is even much better from personal experience. But if it ( the presentation ) already wowed you from a 2D level, then nothing bar handling the pieces will ever dampen your love. Love at first site is important in fashion too.

AW14 will go down as a landmark collection as in runway pieces worn will be instantly recognised in years to come. Yohji-San has got our attention, and my respect and admiration with this one. I have no problem being in the minority.
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