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Even though Haider's signature iridescent fabrics in strong colors are always nice to look at, the move to a largely monochromatic gray palette w/ touches of muted colors marks a welcome departure. The coats look phenomenal. Still not on board with what's going on from the waist down, can't help but feel that less slim less cropped trousers would make for a much more cohesive silhouette. But that's been one of HA's trademark so that's not going to change.
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those patterned coats are amazing. the lack of vibrant colors definitely draw my attention more to the tailoring and makes it look more luxe i think. i actually like the extreme taper/cropped pants, but that's more of a personal style thing rather than looking at it with the whole collection in mind. i would say this and dries are my favorite so far for fall.
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Every single look was excellent. The outerwear, as Sipang said, is amazing.
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Holy wow - this is amazing.

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I think the looks would be significantly less interesting with more conventional pants. The coats make the headlines but the depth is provided by everything else. I really like this stuff. Whether I could actually wear any of it is another question, but it's making me think and that's good.

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Agree that the pants could be a bit less tight and I'm not very fond of the footwear.

Like Sipang said, I think the silhouette is better with some more volume from the hips down.

Like this one




The overall look is fantastic though and feels very unique. Love the colors scheme and patterns as well.


Who stock this?

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I actually like the pants. But yeah, this was phenomenal. Last coat is amazing
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this is phenomenal. slim bottoms aside, the proportions are mesmerizing and the fabrics seem delicious....really look forward to checking this stuff out
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really nice. love the coats and draping/volume of grey tweed and flannel. excellent geometrics and palette too. the two bomber jackets are sick. i'm sure the clothes will be hard to find outside of paris/europe, yeah?  


more photos at nytimes here.


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thanks for posting that, Parker. pics are great, and i checked out the Times' coverage of other shows too, including dries. also, think I was wrong about the pants. the more I look at this the more I think baggy pants pooling around the feet would work better. even so, the more I look the more I like it.
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