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Business Casual pants recommendation

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My office is pretty laid back, as in jeans, polos, and sneakers, however I want to dress in a more professional manner and I am looking to buy a few quality pairs of pants and shirts to improve my wardrobe. I know pretty much nothing about what brands are quality or not and could use a few recommendations. I was thinking of going to nordstroms and having the a personal stylist I've talked to a few times set me up with a few outfits, figure $500 for just shirts and pants would get me started. Was also thinking of looking at brooks brothers, brooks brothers factory outlet and off saks 5th to see if I could find anything.

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A couple things you probably want to think about and which might help get you better advice:

1) How much nicer than the average person do you want to dress? Are we talking about a nice pair of khakis with a button down collar dress shirt or potentially moving up to wool trousers?

2) Do you want to dress at this elevated level every day or just a few times a week (maybe being more casual on Friday)?

I'd also suggest upgrading your shoes first if you haven't already. You'll need something other than sneakers if you are going to wear something like an OCBD tucked into khakis anyways, so it may make sense to start here. Plus wearing good shoes with a more casual outfit (please get loafers or other more casual dress shoes and not oxfords which look ridiculous with business casual) is more subtle.
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I picked up 3 pairs of Allen Edmonds over the past few months: a tan suede pair of chukkas, brown mora 2.0 double monk straps, and walnut strands.

I'm looking to start with a few outfits and dress more casual on Friday. I was thinking wool dress pants or maybe chinos (probable have a mix) with a button down Oxford.

I'm mainly looking at picking up some quality pants with just a a cheaper shirt or two to get me started. After this month I am planning on getting a few mtm shirts probably from ratio. Figured $500 will get me 2 or 3 pairs of pants and two ok shirts. I just don't know who makes a quality pair.
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Nordstrom personal stylist? Um, unless it's a great one, there are better, more impartial options.

Tropical weight wool pants probably should be the bulk of the wool pants, because it's Dallas. Having that and chinos makes sense. Presumably plain-fronts, but age and measurements, please? Shirt measurements, too. These things can be bought online with little risk.
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I was thinking of using one of the stylist to get some suggestion and because I'm color blind and have trouble matching. I'm 31, 5'9", 200 lbs, 16.5" neck, 32/33" sleeves (not sure of the rest). I picked up one pair of Bonobos weekday warriors in tan this past weekend to try. I've hear some good things on the brand and figured I'd try one but I need several more pairs and I'm still trying to find out what are some quality brands as opposed to just the expensive brands.
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Okay, but what about pants size? That's the most important measurement re this thread. As far as color blindness goes, that's one of the most legitimate reasons for using a stylist or image consultant offline.
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I'm a 38" waist and 29" length. I usually buy a 30" length and get it tailored.
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The Bonobos might prove to be too slim for someone who clearly is not slim. Nordstrom has some 38x30 house brand pants on sale online, and Brooks Brothers also makes quality pants that should fit (except for the length issue). Those places also should have many 16.5, 32/33 dress shirts, as should sources such as TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt. The issue will be resisting buying multiples due to inability to predict which specific line(s) would fit well without needing much tailoring or being too tight at the waist.
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