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What do you do for casual winter shoes?

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Okay --- I know it's impossible to find a shoe that can brave salt, slush, and snow while still looking good in a business casual office.


What I'm asking is for casual environments.


I live in Chicago. There is snow, salt, and slush for 4 months of the year around here. Like most around here, I strictly use public transit and walk, and don't have a car.


If I'm going to a bar, or going to a club (not too strict round here), or going to casual Friday at the office, or some date, or some casual get-together mid-week ----- I'm certainly NOT wearing overshoes and NOT bringing two pairs of shoes somehow.


So what the F do I wear exactly if I want to look stylish?


The big ugly arctic-grade boot is one option, but while that survives the weather, it looks rather strange in indoor settings.


Here's my ideas so far:


This is kind of the style I'm into at the moment. Looks to be decent quality, decent price -- except it's suade and may turn to shit in the slop, even with their waterproofing product. Definitely would LOOK great in casual settings though.


Option 2 from Sorel:


These obviously may not look as nice on a night on the town, but have that similar suede chukka vibe to them. These at least were designed to kick around some snow. Quality is iffy, not sure about Sorel, but they are only $120 as well.


Option 3: I don't know, some sort of disposable sneaker that still looks semi-adult/ cool?

Option 4: potentially something by Red Wing or Wolverine. Probably is, these are either too workman ugly, or they look nice, but aren't meant for actual snow, either -- meaning I might just crap up some $200 - $300 shoes. At least the AE chukkas are on clearance.


I know a lot of you live in winter climates --- maybe I'm missing something obvious. Thanks!

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I have Meindl Gastein GTX - excellent brand of German-made winter boots. The upgraded version with hidden ice spikes is the ultimate winter gear! You have the ability to get more traction in slippery conditions and you can also retract the traction when its not needed.


I have the original version outfitted with screws. Then again I live in a place that sees snow maybe two or three times each winter.

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You know there's already a huge thread on this subject, right?

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Which thread is that? The non-ugly winter boots thread?


That thread isn't quite right --- because virtually NONE of the boots on there would work/ look fashionable in any kind of indoor setting.

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