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Saphir MEDAILLE D'OR vs. La Cordonnerie Anglaise vs. Burgol

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I am really interested to keep my shoes in a good condition. There are a lot of products out there which are great for a good shoe care for handmade John Lobb, Edward Green or Crockett and Jones.


In my opinion these three products are the best of the best. What do you think about them? How would you rank them and why?

I am really interested in any kind of statement and information about these products. :)


Furthermore I am interested about the shoe wax of these manufacturers. Would you rank the wax the same way as the cream?


Kind regards


Very British

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I have never used La Cordonnerie. I used to use Burgol wax (never the cream because at that time it did not exist yet) but after a test with SMDO wax I switched. It's a lot easier to do glaçage with SMDO for me.


I like the the SMDO creams but use them rarely. I condition with Lexol and use wax for shine.


Look at GlenKaren products.. I tested the high shine polish, it's fantastic.

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Saphir Medaille d'Or



Really nice cream, very nourishing and polishes good. But that fashion, squared container it's a nightmare: you cannot reach the angles of the pot with a brush or a cloth, so you will waste quite a lot of product.



I found it's almost like the Cordonnerie Anglaise one, only more expensive.


La Cordonnerie Anglaise



It was the first high quality wax I used in my life. I still think it's the best for mirror shine.






The Burgol cream it's the most pigmented stuff I've ever used. It restores color in a whim and polishes to a really good satin-line shine. For me it's the best cream on the market, period.



I've had quite a mixed experience with Burgol wax. It's really expensive and for what I've seen it's not so easy to use to achieve a mirror shine: it has a tendence to clog the pores and reacts better to a brush than to water and cloth. Their Golfwachs is a really wonderful waterproofing wax, but it's not made for mirror shine.

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I've been searching for La Cordonnerie Anglaise. Are there any SF affiliates who sell their products?
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Thank you Colzolai FeF for your answer. :)


Have you also experiences with the cream of La Cordonnerie Anglaise?

Are there any differences to the Cream of Saphir Medaille d'Or?

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Yes, I tried the Cordonnerie cream. It's very very similar to the Saphir MdO, only problem is a not so long shelf life.

Another very good wax is the Famaco "Abbaye", the Abbey paste. The legend says that was the secret recipe of some monks in the Abbey where King Arthur was buried with the Holy Grail in his hand and the Ark of the Covenant as a pillow yadda yadda yadda, but it's a phenomenal product. The yellow one should be the one that Olga Berluti used on his creations, or so the vendor said to me years ago.

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Yes I know. The Famaco Abbey is a great product. :D


Do you know the Crockett and Jones shoe wax polish? I think it is a rebrandet product but I dont't know the manufacturer.


Does anyone know if edward green and john lobb have their own branded products and where I can buy these house brands online?

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Hey after doing some searching and asking some contacts, I just had it confirmed that La Cordonnerie Anglaise and Saphir polishes and the renovator are the same products in different packaging. They are both owned by Avel too.


Hope that helps a bit. 

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Avel bought LCA couple years ago...
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exactly what I was able to find out

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