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Whose who?

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The saying is so true:You can't judge a book by it's cover. However you can judge a "Tailor" by his skill.
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"Judge not, lest ye be judged" is my motto. I would never judge a tailor (or a book).
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Let he who is without sin cast the first e-book.
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It's very nice to see the direction of the responses,however in the city for which I reside and in other part's of the globe. So many have dedicated their entire live's to the art of tailoring. I've had the privilege to work along side men and woman who for some of them have over fifty years of experience. Today so many "claim" to possess a skill that they do not have,for the most part they are "sale's men" not tailor's in no shape or form(no pun intended). This prevalent mindset has propelled many to celebrity in there community,city even other state's. In every day life we are "judged" by our appearance,status and lot in life as a whole. The reality is tailors are judged and have been for centuries in sports,media,fashion all have judges and are criticized for the work they produce. In 1952 Clarence Poulin wrote a book on this subject of tailoring it's title Tailoring Suits The Professional Way. Chapter One is a good read for anyone who can actually draft the pattern, chop out the garment and construct it. One of my motto's is "If one cannot do a thing they will never truly understand that thing".This advertising slogan speak's volumes to consumers "Judge for yourselves". "Judge not,lest ye be judged" when those words were spoken it centered on the need for humility within."Let he who is without sin cast the first e-book(stone)." Taught a very powerful lesson as to our sinful nature as human being's allowing us to always focus our own mistakes which are a given as imperfect people.That principle which will never change taught human's to not view no one in a negative without looking at one's self first. "Custom Tailoring" is one of the only trades that require skill and technique,however one's resume and experience is no longer important. The Apostle Paul summed it up this way with regards to "judgement". "For what do I have to do with judging those outside? do you not judge those inside," The aforementioned admonition explain's those within could judge and some served as judges. In this case and in my original statement "those who are within(can custom tailor) can judge rather the criticism is harsh or constructive it will help one to grow 'everyone has a beginning". "We do not see ourselves as other's see us",nor do we see our work in that manner.

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When you point at someone three fingers are pointing back at you.
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As long as those finger's are being pointed by a fellow "tailor",I will surely be alright with that.

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I'm reasonably sure Piobaire didn't intend his remarks to be understood in that way.
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

I'm reasonably sure Piobaire didn't intend his remarks to be understood in that way.

Who are you to try to read into his words? Piob can intend his remarks to be understood any damn way he pleases.
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Gentleman, I truly enjoyed the word play, the reality is it's not that deep. We all have our opinion's and view's on "tailoring",entertainment,food etc.

I'am happy to see such a network of men who enjoy's clothing/art/famous quotes as I do. My view's come from a humble but competitive place. stemming 

from my adolescent day's on the basketball court. My reasoning is as follow's if Earvin  "Magic" Johnson,Tim Legler,Greg Anthony,Steve Kerr commentated a NBA game,compared to commentator's who never played the game at all it's a little different and will be construed from a totally superficial level for lack of never "playing the game on that level". No disrespect to anyone again "it's ok gentleman" enjoy your day.

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It would be pretty cool if there were a tailor named Tim Legler.

My tailor is named Johnny Cuffs; it was too late when I found out why he was called that (committed crimes such as fraud).
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Magic Johnson is a terrible commentator of the NBA.

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I prefer my tailors to have less punny names.
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I really like all the replies gentlemen, especially the "Friend's" episode. Good Night and as Billy Crystal's character on SNL would say it's better to 'look good than to feel good".

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I don't know. Can one look good (and carry/comport oneself properly) when one doesn't feel good. I am of the mind that they go together.
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