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I don't want to hijack retronotmetro's thread about foul-weather shoes, but it reminded me of a question I've been meaning to ask; does anyone use Galoshes (aka "Rubbers" or "Overshoes") any more? If so, any recommendations for a favorite brand? If not, what do you do when you're wearing your favorite dress shoes and it starts pouring rain? (After all, the weatherman can't always be right... )
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I wear them about twice a year -- only when it's really pouring outside and I happen to be wearing really good shoes that day and I must go outside for some reason. I keep them in my office, way in the back of the closet. I bought mine at Brooks Brothers about 10 years ago, and they're still going strong. They are quite dorky-looking, but they do what they're supposed to -- keep my feet and shoes dry.
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They are quite dorky-looking
That's what I always thought about my dad's when I was a kid - now that I don't constantly wear sneakers any more, I'm beginning to see the wisdom in having a pair stashed away...
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I keep a pair in my office and at home (and probably should keep one in the car with my umbrella). I don't think there's much of a difference between brands, that is to say I'm not aware of any premium rubber overshoe companies. I prefer the type that covers most of the shoe, as you never know when you're going to be forced to step into snow.
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You never know when you're going to be forced to step into snow.
Unless you live in SoCal, where the sight of accumulated snow outside my office would almost warrant sacrificing a pair of shoes. Except for the Edward Greens
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(TCN @ 12 July 2004, 1:36) You never know when you're going to be forced to step into snow.
Unless you live in SoCal, where the sight of accumulated snow outside my office would almost warrant sacrificing a pair of shoes.  Except for the Edward Greens
In Michigan, we can get snow absurdly late into what passes for Spring around these parts. It can also rain a half hour after cloudless skies. We like to tell ourselves that the Autumn makes it all worthwhile . . . that keeps us from going insane.
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To not have a pair of galoshes to cope with the horrors of a Michigan winter--deep snow banks, salted sidewalks, slush, ice, puddles etc... would be like not having ABS on your vehicle. When dealing with the ravages of weather, I'm grateful to keep my shoes (and feet) dry. All better shoe stores carry good "galoshes". It is wise to try a pair on to make sure that the fit is OK. In Michigan, we only have two seasons: winter and road construction.
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In Michigan, we only have two seasons:  winter and road construction.
I spent a winter in Minneapolis once, and their variant of that saying was "2 seasons--winter is coming and winter is here."
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Check out the Tingley overshoe site.  Tingley
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Just thought this topic should be resurrected due to the inclement weather conditions (especially in Michigan.) and the plethora of shoe care questions. I, too, once thought my father's "rubbers" a bit dorky but having nearly slipped and broken my arse after walking on dry tile coming in from the snow, I see their practicality. Not only that, but their usefulness in negating the necessity of polishing/cleaning daily due to water/salt buildup far surpasses their dorky appearance. A practical, worthwhile investment for very little money, in my mind.
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Here in NYC, overshoes are really becoming rarity. Especially on guys under 60. But I wear them because I have quality shoes and don't like carrying shoes around. Guess it make me a nerd but I own several pair one for the office and two for home. And never go on a trip to europe without throwing a pair in my suitcase Tingley makes a black storm rubber that is a classic. It's wide enough to fit over most shoe styles and has a full tongue to cover shoe laces. And they are fexible and lightweight enough to shove into a plastic bag and put them in your breifcase or computer bag when you don't want to wear them. You can buy them on the internet or at shoe repair stores the prices run from about 12 to $25 dollars so check out a few places if money is an object They look just like the pair I wore to school in the 60's but mine were brown then. Tingley also makes a moccassin loafer style that looks like a high vamp (no penny slit) venetian loafer. I wear these a lot when it rains or snows. I spray them with Armorall (the tire protector) and they look like shiny black loafers. I was in Montreal last year and there's a Canadian company called ACTON that makes the really old-fashioned rubber ones with a high gloss. They look dorky but I am sure they are pratical if you live in a northern climes.
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