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Cloth mills

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Hi, im in the market for a few suits, and i have a number of fabrics to choose from, from a few different mills.  


my question to anyone familiar with fabrics, is, is there a significant variation in quality inbetween the following mills, which mills make cheaper fabrics, etc, etc.  or is this something i shouldn't be overly concerned with?   


Really any information is helpful, thanks.



-vitale barberis cononico




-lanificio TG. di fabio 






-luigi botto


-trabaldo togna






-ermenegildo zegna


-lanificio ing. Loro Piana

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The following are excellent and can be found in better tailors:

Vitale Barberis


Loro Piana
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Unfortunately, I know very little about cloth mills though I find it fascinating. You may find useful information in this compendium-of-sorts thread Only a few on your list shows up though. Quoting Badsha from that thread, "It can be quite overwhelming. I don't think there is a quick answer to your question." Best of luck to you.

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thx guys, and i will read that thread too.

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