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Used vintage leather jackets.

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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and I hope I will find much interesting here:)


Well closer to the point... some time ago I started looking more at leather jackets and wanted to buy something but found out that all what is offered in shops for me seems to look really bad or is overpriced to the such a level that even the smallest detail I liked in it is not worth it, so I looked to the alternatives and came across one vintage shop and then it started... I walked regularly to it to see if there are something new (they had cycle what changes everything offered each month)

It was quite often when I found something I like, but it was ether too big or worn to level it seemed simply awful (for my standards)

So after walking here for almost half year I finally found two jackets what fit me and generally seemed good and for such a low price (so as it is used) it was just funny to not buy them in worst case they can be used as material for something handmade.


So first the long one:


I was generally looking for buying a long leather jacket for some time already and so as this one seemed quite decent and I could hardly find any trace on wearing process.


While looking little more I found one more jacket :

Unfortunately there are some noticeable signs of wearing, but I am pretty sure that they may be fixed, because there are no tearing or major damage.


What do you people think about them ?



In real life they may look a little better than in photos though. Sorry for quite poor image quality too.


Any idea about brand, large one had something like TEME, but I did not found anything in google, other just seems to say same thing in different languages.


Is there any way I can tell what kind of leather it is (sheepskin, cow, ...) ?


Do any of you have some experience with used leather goods or buying some vintage clothes ?




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Rather thought I had seen this thread earlier but you are buying second hand clothes and you will need to judge whether you want to be seen wearing something that someone else has judged fit only to be sent to a second hand shop. For vintage read 'old' these do not have any 'style' worth recreating.
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Like the top one best, but it's a bit Gestapoish

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Originally Posted by pgmetcalf View Post

Like the top one best, but it's a bit Gestapoish

Not really a suitable image these days.
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