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OCBD Fit Problems

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First of all, thank you so much to those who post often on this site, it has been integral in becoming a (somewhat) well dressed man.


I'm having a lot of trouble finding an OCBD that fits my body, style taste, and wallet, and looking for any suggestions.  I have searched extensively prior to this and wound up trying Uniqlo and BB which didn't quite fit the bill.


Height : 6'4"

Weight: 217lbs

Jacket: 42 (had to be taken in just slightly by tailor)

Sleeve: 37"

Collar: 16.5"


Uniqlo Slim: Like everything except the sleeves on the Large are a good inch short, shirt quality isn't great but I would wear mostly casually so no big deal, also collar is a bit small but I could live with it.


BB Supima ESF must iron: Love the shirt quality and the collar roll is beautiful.  However, the tail of the shirt is ridiculously long, could never wear it not tucked in, and it would still need seriously tailoring in the body to bring it in closer, and maybe even in the sleeves.


I think I may just have to go MTM with Ratio or Indochino (seem to get good reviews here?), and if so, are there any routine sales for either? Or could someone suggest an alternate?

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check out
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Your tailor can also shorten the shirt's tail. I've had it done a number of times – if you go somewhere competent it looks good. For the price, it's hard to beat BB oxfords.
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Originally Posted by nakedundermyclothes View Post

check out

I'll second Kamakura.  Love their collar roll!

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Thanks for the tips, I'll give Kamakura a look

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Hey @Wolff I think we might have something that works for you. I'd go with an XL if you wanted to give it a try. They're pretty slim, if that's the type of fit you are looking for, and by going with an XL, they should definitely be long enough. Let me know if you want to try one out! I can probably give you some type of discount for your first shirt depending on your choice.

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Thanks for the offer, I sent a PM.

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