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And I'm sure they regularly engage in pillow fights in their pyjamas.
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Actually, they look like the girls next door in the area I'm currently residing.
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I don't think there's anything wrong with being social towards your professor. My favourite, and also the best economics professor I've ever had, regularly went to the bar with us for a drink or even shots later at night.

I've had a history professor that would take the class outside during nice weather, and was always up for a drink and some discussion after class. Others have bought drinks or food for the entire class during the last class of the semester. A more informal teacher-student relation can aid the transferral of knowledge, at least in my case.

I suppose it's not really possible in the so called factories, with class sizes ranging from 100-400, but I'm really happy that my small liberal arts college had small classes, ranging from 10-25 students. I can say from personal experience that it's so much better to be at an institution that's focused on teaching instead of research.

Of course I initially addressed my professors as professor, and I continued to address them in that way out of respect. Same for my class mates.

I think developing closer teacher-student relationships is a good thing. Teaching outside is cool; bringing in food is great. Lubes the wheels of learning and I'm all for it.


Still, a prof who is doing shots with you I think has stepped over the line; if you are still his student (i.e. taking a class). There's deepening a relationship with a student along appropriate mentoring lines and then there's getting pissed with students. Former OK, the latter, fraught with peril (I'm not saying it is per se wrong, but definitely perilous).


That said, one of the craziest most fun professors I had, drank and smoked in class! Completely, utterly inappropriate, but damn, he told good stories.

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Help me decide quickly! Black watch dinner jacket with raw silk lapels or checked jacket. Both wool/silk.

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are you still in NYC buying up clothes?!


No on the first, deets on the second.

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Is that Carson Street?


The gorge is too high; if it's an Eidos, wait for the NMWA Lorenzo cut offerings in a few months. Patience.

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1st one, buy and send to AAS.


2nd one, buy and keep. 

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Yep, it's 70% off. Both are Eidos. The checked one is more versatile, but the black watch one would awesome for a night out.
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What does that come to in dollars and what color is the checked? What, did you move to NYC?

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I'm tempted by the Tipo cut which is what you're wearing I think, but the gorge is high and I'm going to guess you'll feel it in a few years.


I still say wait for the Lorenzo (Liverano) cut.

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Yeah, I'm at CSC! Now in the Starbucks next door. This one is $280, NMWA will be $1000-1200. That's out of my budget. I don't mind the high gorge at all. Such a tough choice!
post #9491 of 37536 it a gray jacket, the gingham/checked one? I don't know, dark gray for summer? Your tan one from last time was a good choice, a no brainer at that price.

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It's navy with orange checks. 85% wool/15% silk. I could wear it nearly year round in the UK.
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Oh, then get it.

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And I'm sure they regularly engage in pillow fights in their pyjamas.

Lolz! I was serious though, where we currently live, this is pretty much how girls look. It has a lot to do with the socio-economic status of the neighbourhood (I could never have afforded to live here if we hadn't had a ton of luck when selling and buying apartments in Stockholm). People around here lead a pretty healthy life style + well, it's pretty common knowledge that good looking women (to a greater extent than good looking men) usually have a greater chance of climbing the social ladder.

Personally, I've always preferred red heads though.
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Oh, then get it.

Ok, thanks for the help! I would've loved the black watch jacket, but I don't think I'd wear it enough, and I already have a DB dinner suit and a smoking jacket.
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